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The 1 Thing You Need To Focus On For Better Lead Generation

61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. 

Generating leads is hard for EVERYBODY. In this post I’ll share the secret to generating more leads by focussing on 1 THING.


There are businesses out there who do not spend a ton of time on social media, and they’re still making way more money than I am. 

The reason is that they are focused on ONE THING every day that matters the most, and that is prospecting for their business and generating leads. Hard stuff is actually growing your business, right? 

In my previous life I ran two fairly decently sized real estate offices brokerages. Anywhere from 150 to about 200 agents. I did a lot of coaching with them and the number one hardest thing to convince them of was to actually generate leads. 

It was to actually put boots to the ground and find new clients. Is the toughest thing to do because it’s the most awkward thing to do, because we don’t like to sell, right? It’s a very real thing for everybody. 

And honestly I’m not the best at it either. One of my goals though, is to get better. 

So at the end of this I’m gonna pick two to three things that I’m gonna commit to and focus on and I want you to do the same thing! 

Generating new leads every day is like a MUST DO. You must generate new business every day, you must be focused on that. 

So, you must be doing activities that are going to allow you to actually do that. You’ve gotta stop wasting the time on doing the things that are not generating business. 


Facebook Groups

Having this Facebook group is great. When I first started my Facebook group, I was in here all the time doing stuff – sharing thoughts and ideas and lots of knowledge. That was in 2018. This was not the right use of my time. If you’re a small business, there is no point in having a Facebook group, if you’re not gonna make money off of it, right?



A lot of people use Instagram for business, but I think that it’s not the place to put all your eggs. I find that with Instagram, it’s a very slow growth. Because what happens is you get on there you scroll you scroll, double tap, tap, and on your way, right? 

How often are they actually going to the link in your profile? It’s really about being smart about where you’re spending your time. 


Next Steps

What is the thing, do you have a freebie that you’re offering? Do you have a free thing that is exciting to get people on your list? 

And two parts to that. 

Do you have the freebie that’s gonna get them on your list so you’re generating leads from that? 

And number two, do you have a two steps sort of we make it a two-step funnel. 

So, step one is the landing page with the freebie, then a Thank You Page is the second step. 

Having a really strong freebie with a great Landing Page and a great upsell, allows you then to use Facebook ads or Google ads or Pinterest ads, or YouTube ads, or whatever it’s gonna be, to spend the money a little bit more because you’re gonna get money on that second step. 


Guest Podcast

So some other ideas on things that I think are really, really valuable, are getting in front of other people’s audiences. I have signed up with a podcast agency to get me on podcasts as a guest. This is really valuable. I can get in front of other people, other audiences and they can hear me, my message and how I talk and share.


Guest Posting

If you’re more of a writer, that’s awesome. Then guest posting is really valuable. What that does mean, is that you actually have to connect with people and say to them, “Hi, I would love to add value to your audience.” So you actually have to sell yourself a little bit. 


Focus Your Efforts

So choose your two to three social media channels that you’re gonna focus on. I do think though that you can’t be everywhere. Give something three months to see if you can get traction there. Get very targeted, and very focused about what you speak about. Start by getting them on your list. Let’s get them on the list and perhaps grab your one-time offer, in the two step funnel that I talked about. 




Share with me in the comments below your thoughts about lead generation.

What are your struggles? What of these ideas might work for you?

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