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"...brilliant, highly responsive, amazingly creative and innovative in (her) approach to design, functionality and brand."
Grace Churchill
"You ramp up our projects to what I could have never envisioned! helped me build new exceed the expectations..."
Lynn Hand
"...amazing web designer...smooth and easy. Thanks for creating my amazing new website! I absolutely love it!"
Leslie Quinsay

What are the
3 questions?

Attention spans are at an all time low...
...people are being entertained with 20 second videos for hours on end...
...they're used to consuming information fast and making decisions even faster...
That means they make decide to trust you from the second they get to your site...

Do they stay or do they go?

What can you do to make sure that the right people stay?

Answer these 3 questions - FAST

1. Who are you?

2. Why should they care?

3. What should they do next?

You have to connect with them right away, instil trust (repeatedly), and guide them to the next step (sign up, buy, donate, book a call, etc).

If your website is not doing that, we need to talk. I can help.

Some amazing clients:

Learning Management System & Membership

Problem: Live educational events that the Family Education Centre (FEC) held were generating a very low turnout, their LMS wasn’t working, and their website had no brand voice. Their capacity was maxed out. Their website had multiple errors. They were frustrated with technology partners and were scared to trust anyone. 

Solution: Trust was built through open, honest discussions and by doing what we said we were going to do – every time. We moved them to be fully online with 20+ engaging online courses integrated into a learning management system with member levels, digital resources (podcast, tip-sheet downloads, and more), detailed reporting plus updated branding and messaging.

Outcome: The FEC made a 68% bigger impact with substantial gains in capacity and future scalability.


Problem: Heart House Hospice (HHH) had online resources in too many places; it was confusing and hard to find the right tool. Paperwork was also being handled multiple times in an inefficient manner. They felt “messy” and overloaded. 

Solution: A new knowledge-sharing website was developed that allows users to easily find the right resources, quickly. Crucial intake forms with sensitive information were rebuilt digitally to create a secure and efficient process for the user to submit critical details and for the HHH team to access it in their system quickly.

Outcome: The team LOVE having their forms integrated perfectly with their process flow and the capacity it has given HHH to redirect them to other responsibilities. Users are finding what they need without confusion and are coming back again and again.

Hey I'm Amanda

Founder of BrashBerry

High school started it all! 

Shout out to my computer teach Mrs. Stephanian for sharing her love for development.

Over 25 years later of creating stuff on different scales, from business cards to 42-page brochures that were delivered to over 350,000 people, to developing hundreds of WordPress websites and digital products, I am the Founder of BrashBerry.

I love all things small business and you can find me playing frisbee with her dog, #BuffyTheBoston on any given Sunday.

unpopular opinion

Buffy should have chosen Riley. There, I said it!

Fav Food

Sourdough bread with old cheddar cheese and tomato (nothing else).

Time waster

Watching baking videos on Youtube that I'll never make.


Getting enough sleep and having chapstick everywhere I go.

Some Of my projects!

Leslie Quinsay, Author

Designed logo, created book images that pop, developed and designed website, created email freebie, added event calendar, built MailChimp auto email campaign and more.

Heart House Hospice

Website design (over 45 pages), clean website structure, events calendar, event pages, ability to register and pay for events on site, large forms created, email list building CTA, and more.

Family Education Centre

Updated branding and messaging, website design, online donations, learning management system, podcast setup, members only access, 12 online course designs (and counting), weekly email, and more.

Crowd Velocity

Complete website design overhaul, updated branding and messaging, fixed tech issues, cleaned up back-end, added more creative flair to site.

Crypto Clothesline Podcast

Complete website design overhaul, fixed tech issues, connected podcast correctly, podcast slider.

Leaders Outloud

Website design, sales package, client coaching binder, email newsletter, blog.

Groundswell Urban Planners

Website design, portfolio with PDF downloads, animated graphic opener (logo), and additional mini-sites.

Grace Churchill

Website design, daily blog, weekly emails.

Bobbex Canada

Website design, ecommerce site (shopping cart), created both an English and fully translated French website, email setup, list builder.

Prospecting Biz

Website design, updated branding.

TK Olympic Taekwondo

Website design, registration online.

Peter Vukojevic

Website design, new branding/logo, copywriting, business cards, postcards, linked to real estate website (, and more.

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