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9 visual psychological pricing tricks to make people buy from you

3 Visual Psychological Pricing Tricks That Will Make People Buy From You

Here are 3 tricks that you can use on your landing pages, sales pages, and website right now to move people to actually take action and buy your stuff!


Mind control – That’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Not exactly, BUT it’s going to be interesting, because it is actually all about using mind control to drive your audience to take action on your website and landing pages. 

You have the ability to customize the look and feel of what the pricing looks like on your website. This matters and can be a total game changer for your sales pages, especially if you productize your services. 

Here are three pricing strategies that you can use right now! 

Trick #1

Let me drop some science on ya, some mind control science. You find two notebooks that you’re in love with, they’re amazing.

One is priced at $19.99, and the other is priced at $19.59.

Do you feel any difference there? Okay, how ’bout this. 

What if this one is priced at $19.01, and this one is priced at $18.99?

You want this one, don’t ya? It’s psychology. 

Trick #2

Imagine you arrive at a landing page for an online course. You’re interested, and you’re scrolling, and before you get to the pricing, there’s a section that shows a list of everything that’s included. We’ve all been there! A list of everything that’s included, and it’s all valued at $10,597 THOUSAND DOLLARS. 

You continue to scroll, you read the testimonials, you see some results. Then you finally get to the actual buy, and it says $999.

What we’ve done is we’ve anchored them. We’ve anchored them to the $10,000 number. Anything less than $10,000 now seems like a bargain. Even though that $999, we maybe would’ve said no to if it was up front and center. 

Trick #3


Say this number out loud: $1,999.99.

Now say this one out loud: $1999.

You probably said “1999.” Even though they’re basically identical, 99 cents is actually the difference between these two numbers. They feel different because when we see one comma we immediately think it’s very expensive. BUT when we see 1999, no commas, we say it as 1999. 

This is all about difficulty. When it’s hard for us to say it all together, we immediately think it’s expensive. So, we want to shorten everything up and make it easy. 

Those were the three strategies that you can use right now! Go look at your landing pages, your sales pages, and see what you’re priced at. Do you have an anchor? 

Think about all of these tricks, and start loading them into your pages, and see what happens! 

Mind control is awesome. 



Share with me in the comments below your thoughts about these pricing tricks.

I’d love to know if you’ve seen any of these strategies before, I bet you have! 

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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

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