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5 Easy Steps To Move From Solopreneur to CEO of Your Consulting Business

Let’s break the cycle and shift from thinking about sort of being an employee to yourself and moving into that leader role that you should be!


There is a better way to run and grow your business than to be doing all the things and completely overwhelm yourself. It is so easy to think, “Well, I can do this way better and way faster than someone else” BUT this is the exact reason why you’re not moving forward. In order to grow and lead a business, you need people who do things for you so that you’re not head in the weeds.

Let’s break this cycle and shift from thinking about sort of being an employee to yourself and moving into that leader role that you should be! 

Jack and Janes of all trades are masters of zero. We want you to be the master!


Freelancers are awesome! 

I want you to stop doing all of the things.

Stop trying to figure out Facebook ads, I want you to stop writing every single blog post, I want you to stop trying to post daily to five different socials and great Pinterest images, and guest posts, and to have a podcast and edit your podcasts and edit your videos – all of it! 

Stop, there are other people that can do those things! Trust me, once you have hired freelancers for a while you are gonna have a hard time to stop hiring freelancers. It’s really awesome to have these other people that are excited about what you do and are there to support you. And the best part is they’re passionate and protective about your business too, because they feel like they’re part of it!


Leader vs. Doer

Let’s talk just a couple of things about what is the difference between being an employee for yourself, a solopreneur, and being the CEO and leader that you should be!

Firstly, A CEO guides the team to success. They set the goal and everybody strives to achieve that goal. A solopreneur can’t let go of all the things. Spending the time to teach somebody how to do it one time and never having to touch it again is a smarter way to do business.

Second is “today versus tomorrow”. The solopreneur is focused on the now. They are so busy that they can only focus on getting the little tasks done. The CEO, the leader on the other hand is focused on tomorrow. They’re thinking about the future and building something scalable. 

Third is “zone versus everywhere”. The CEO stays in their zone of genius and they do what they’re really good at. They focus on what they really love and what they’re really good at. The solopreneur is stuck in the weeds spending hours managing all the things in the business. 


Step 1

Here are the five steps to moving you from solopreneur to CEO! 

Step number one – On a piece of paper, Google Doc, whatever you want to use, I want you to create three columns, one big and two smaller columns. 


Step 2

In the large column, write down everything you do in a day, a week, a month, a year, everything. You may not be able to finish this today in this video, but you can follow yourself around all week to kind of catch all the little things that you’re doing.


Step 3

In the second column, add a check or an X as to whether or not you enjoy doing that things. Do you love it? Do you hate it? 


Step 4

In the third column, I want you to put a minus or a plus sign, where the minus means it is a lower level task, the plus means it’s a higher level task. 

Now, let me just be very clear about this – Lower level tasks are super critical, it’s just that when you’re leading a company, you should be focused on the higher level tasks. 


Step 5

Once you see all of this, you can actually start to decide which things you should be doing and which things you should pass off to a freelancer, because really there might be something that you really love doing, but it’s a lower level task. 


Lower Level Tasks 

Here are a couple of examples of lower level tasks: designing Pinterest images, posting to social, and writing and sending emails. If you love writing social posts, you can write them and then give it to somebody else that can actually put it through the whole posting process that you do! There are amazing and brilliant copywriters out there, especially ones that focus specifically on email marketing, that can absolutely help you do this. And that is what they’re great at, let them do their greatness, right? Let them thrive in their greatness. And you can thrive in yours. 


Higher Level Tasks 

Some higher level things that you should be focused on might be planning new projects, planning the funnel, and creating and developing your brand voice. These are important things and things that you should absolutely be focused on. 



Tell me in the comments if you feel like you’re still stuck being a solopreneur or if you are a CEO of your business!

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