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5 ways to stop caring what other people think of you

Get your pen and paper ready!

The Fear Monster doesn’t want you to put yourself out there, or tell the world how great you are and instead wants you to constantly question yourself…your worth…your choices…your future.

You know exactly what I mean.

It’s the reason you don’t take action and regret NOT doing so every day you waste.

For me it’s always, “What do you know? Why would anyone care what you have to say? You’re not smart enough to help anyone. THEY will think you’re an idiot/weirdo/not smart enough/not educated enough/not experience enough if you do that.”

What will they think of me if I do X? What will they think of me if I say X? What will they think of me if I lose my house? What will they think of me if I can’t get another client? What will they think of me if I quote X amount?

What will they think of me? What will they think? What will they think of me?

Brutal. And the Fear Monster knows it, it’s his JOB to strike terror in our hearts.

It’s satisfying when we stay in our lane. It nuzzles in and gets quite comfy only to be awoken when you start pushing yourself outside of your boundaries.

The thing is, we have a job too. We have a job to live the lives we were meant to live, we have a job to accomplish everything we want to accomplish, we have a job to be so mind-blowingly happy it would even make Angry cat smile… we have a job to make others envy us because we are so flipping awesome that they can’t even handle it!

And, instead of fearing being different, standing out, being vulnerable…we will STEP INTO IT AND BASK IN IT.

  1. Not speaking your truth (watch the video for a full explanation)
    You don’t voice your opinion because you’re fearful of making someone feel badly or alienating your friend.
  2. You like everything (watch the video for a full explanation)
    In order to fit in, you’ll agree and like everything that everyone else does instead of having your own thoughts and likes. You want to be part of the crowd.
  3. You’re sorry (watch the video for a full explanation)
    When they do find out that you like something different from them or outside the norm, you find yourself apologizing for this.
  4. You hide your weird (watch the video for a full explanation)
    We all want to feel included and not like a “weirdo”, so we hide our strange quirks or opinions. It could be something as simple as an odd TV you like…you keep it a secret out of fear of disapproval.
  5. You don’t shine (watch the video for a full explanation)
    THIS ONE is my biggest one. You don’t celebrate your wins or share your success for fear of them thinking you’re a show-off or that you may make someone feel bad who isn’t having that same success.

So, now we have some ideas on how we worry about what they will think of us and how The Fear Monster may show up for you in your life, business or at work. Let’s dive into how we can change that for ourselves.

  1. Why do you care?
    Likely because society has told you (especially us ladies) that we SHOULD care deeply about what other think of you. We need to act a certain way, look a certain way and behave a certain way. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Again, you have to embrace that society has shoved this into your unconscious mind for years. Get the affirmation from the video to help you change this.
  2. Know that they don’t care
    Here’s the kicker…Sally from 6th grade doesn’t care what you’re doing because she’s too worried about what YOU think of HER. Cause we’re all in this together. And, may I remind you that you actually have LIFE happening and so does everyone else. Watch the video to get more on this and to get the affirmation for this one.
  3. Love you
    Fall madly in love with yourself! You are amazing. Embrace who you are at your CORE. Loving yourself will only allow you to love others more – and it will help you shut out the Fear Monster chatter. Grab the affirmation from the video!
  4. Find your people
    Stop being around anyone who makes you feel less-than or doesn’t make you feel good about shining your light. There are people out there who want you to succeed, who will cheer you on, who are in your corner. FIND THEM and do the same for them. Don’t miss the affirmation for this one in the video!
  5. There will always be judgers
    Yes, I know, that sucks, but after you’ve done the work on YOU, it won’t bloody matter that they’re judging you cause you ACTUALLY won’t care. You will never be able to please everyone, so start by pleasing yourself. Get the final affirmation in the video!

The unfortunate truth is, you’ll never be able to crush the Fear Monster, he lives in all of us.

You just have to decide how you’re going to let it affect you, how you’re going to handle him to the world.

Are you going to be like them and talk about others to make yourself feel better or are you going to ignore him and push through even when it’s scary. Even when it’s risky? Even when you don’t believe in you?

I believe in you!

Tell me in the comments below, how does the Fear Monster show up for you and what are you going to do about it!

Talk soon,



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