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what we include in the 5x5 website scan

We analyze your website with 5 Neurodesign Principles:

Ensures information is easily understood, aiding navigation and decision-making, and preventing user confusion.
Establishes confidence and credibility, encouraging user engagement, repeat visits, and conversions.
Captures and maintains user attention through compelling design and content, enhancing the overall user experience.
Minimizes obstacles and unclear elements that impede navigation, preventing frustration and disengagement.
Guides user attention to key elements or actions, reducing distractions and improving the likelihood of desired outcomes.

And, we look at 5 different critical areas of your website based on those:

1: Above the Fold Analysis

Analyzing message clarity, trustworthiness, initial impact, and attention direction without overwhelming visitors.

2: Overall Homepage Assessment

Assessing message clarity, trust-building design, attention capture, confusion avoidance, and guidance to key areas.

3: Footer Evaluation

Evaluating footer clarity, professionalism, impact on design, avoidance of clutter, and assistance in finding additional content.

4: Content Analysis

Examining content clarity, authority, engagement, cognitive harmony, and user attention retention.

5: Navigation Review

Assessing navigation ease, confidence-inspiring design, efficiency in exploration, confusion prevention, and goal-focused usability.

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