72% of workers say their future success depends on their ability to be creativeRead this post in 1 mins flat!

The stats in THIS ARTICLE say quite a bit about what companies expect from their employees in the realm of creativity.

But, here’s the thing, creativity is not something we’re born with. Which means, that if this statistic is true, as scary as it sounds for people who don’t believe they’re creative, there is a possibility to BECOME creative!

In fact, the fabulous Infographic below includes some great ways to do just that:

How To Be More Creative #InfographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

I’m big on the “sleep on it” approach as there have been many times when I’ve woken up with some wonderful ideas (they’re not all perfect, but they’re better than nothing).

Which of these options do you think would help you become more creative?

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