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BrashBerry... interesting name

Yeah, we think so too. Here’s the story morning glory: 

BrashBerry has been around since 2013, but it was called SparkologyLab…which nobody in the world could spell.

About 5 years later, the name was shortened to SparkLab…which everyone thought was a pot shop.

So, in 2021, we renamed it to BrashBerry, because we believe:

  • brands need to stand out and show off their originality (BRASH)
  • brands need to respect their target audience (BERRY)

It’s a ying-yang thing. Two sides to a coin. Jekyll and Hyde (ok, that one was a bad example, but you get the gist).

Our goal is to...

...You & Your Team

Amanda Ross

Founder of BrashBerry

It all began in high school, courtesy of my computer teacher, Mrs. Stephanian. Thanks for fueling my passion for development! 

Fast forward 25 years and countless projects—ranging from business cards to 42-page brochures delivered to 350,000 folks, and hundreds of WordPress websites—I’m now the proud Founder of BrashBerry.

A small business aficionado at heart, you can catch me tossing a frisbee with my trusty sidekick,  #BuffyTheBoston , when I’m not busy crafting digital masterpieces.

unpopular opinion

Buffy should have chosen Riley. There, I said it!

Fav Food

Sourdough bread with old cheddar cheese and tomato (nothing else).

Time waster

Watching baking videos on Youtube that I'll never make.


Getting enough sleep and having chapstick everywhere I go.

What it's like working with Amanda

I have worked with Amanda ...on a variety of exciting projects! She has been the ideal client to work with - she always provides clear and concise expectations and instructions, is hands-off and trusting, gives productive feedback, and is organized and has a great existing structure in place to work with freelancers.
Rachael Dyck
Project Specialist
She spread empowerment to anyone she spoke to and constantly implemented ways to improve individuals to exceed their potential. She is a great mentor with an "out of the box" creative mind. I enjoyed every bit of time I had with Amanda and through all of the coaching I had with her, they continue with me today. Thank you Amanda for being an important role in my career!
Chanelie Ovejas
Marketing Assistant
We worked together on a daily basis. She was one of those rare managers who also naturally serve as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. She was always my go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving. Overall, Amanda is a proactive, detail oriented, and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team.
Rimsha Ali
Client Manager
Amanda was a great manager, she was always thinking of new ways to increase efficiency. She took the responsibility to implement new processes and held others accountable to ensure the new processes were being executed. She was proactive with giving feedback to the team, ensuring optimal performance. Her positive attitude and drive was contagious!
Alex Tucki
Client Coordinator
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Tools We Love

We build with WordPress so you can easily manage it after we’re done (or not, cause we can help with that too)

How we save the world

BrashBerry isn't a massive agency, but we do what we can to save the world in our own way.

Stuff we've supported:
Dementia and the devastation it causes is close to our Founder's heart, so for the next few years, that's what we'll focus our efforts on.

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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

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