BrashBerry (previously SparkologyLab…but no one could spell it) launched in 2013 and is owned by Amanda Ross.

Our big goal is to help you create a brand that ignites action and makes a bodacious impact!

We don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

We help...

B2B Consultants / Coaches, Small businesses and Nonprofits build scalable and sustainable growth for financial stability, a bigger impact and efficiency through actionable website design, marketing strategies and visibility campaigns.

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We could devise project plans until the cows come home…and then we could plan the best way for them to mow down on the grass chow while frolicking in a field of joy.
Like sitting by the fire on a cool Fall evening in Scotland with a 2-finger pour of whiskey…in the library of a castle…resting on the cliffs…on the oceanfront…knowing you have a plan is incredibly comforting.

You need a smart, creative digital brand and we create smart, creative digital brands…

…sooo…let’s do this thing!

Every service we offer starts and ends with a plan and we can’t wait to create one for you!

Our goal is to...

...You & Your Team

Amanda Ross
Head of Brash with a Berry twist (owner)

Amanda Ross is the owner of BrashBerry – a creative agency with a focus on marketing and sales growth, funnel development, and powerful branding. 

She has led an international marketing team with a million dollar budget, trained/coached over 200 entrepreneurs to build strong brands, and she even got into film school (but never went) based on her essay on Cinematography in Wrestling…seriously there were fireworks and everything.

Officially starting her FT business in 2013, Amanda has designed hundreds of digital and real products (even making a card game) and has loved every minute of it.

She loves all things small business and you can find her playing frisbee with her dog, #BuffyTheBoston on any given Sunday.