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How To Build A Landing Page With These Attention Grabbers

How To Build A Landing Page With These Attention Grabbers

The number one goal of your landing page is to get your audience to take action, period. Building a landing page with attention grabbers is SO essential to getting people click and buy or sign up for your stuff. 


That’s the whole point of doing the landing pages – to focus your audience on ONE THING, and get them to take action on that thing! 

So we do this through multiple ways. 

One is with visual cues and the other is using content. 

So now we’re gonna think about the visual side of that. We need to help them engage with our CTA. We need to get them to focus, and do what we want them to do. 

There are a number of ways that we can do this, but we’re gonna try to keep it a little bit simple. 



One of my biggest things is buttons. Buttons on your page should be way more obvious than anything else on your page. 

Do not use buttons that match your brand! We want to use a different colour that makes it stand out. 

Teal and orange are my main colours, but when I want people to take action, I use pink. So all my buttons are pink. Those are my action triggers. 

We still want to use a colour that is still complimentary to our brand, but we want it to stand out from everything else. 

If you’re not sure how to pick the right colours, then go to and put in your main brand colour in the middle box. On the left, you can choose complimentary, and then choose triad to add some additional colour ideas. You’ll start to see this breakdown a little bit differently, so you can see some colouring in a very different way. 

To test if you’ve got this right, sit about two to three feet away, at least like put your arm out. 

Okay, as Tyra Banks would say, “Smize!”

We’re gonna smize at our monitor.  And we want to see what stands out. 

When you squint your eyes almost closed, what is the thing you see? If it is not the button, then you gotta get a better color or something. We want the thing that we want them to do, to be the most obvious thing. 

The only time you should use this colour is for your action items. 



Images, or “directional cues,” are what we call them. 

So we tend to look where other people look, it’s just human nature. Think about a time when maybe you were going for a walk. And someone’s looking up in the sky, and you start looking up too.

 “Do they see aliens? What are they looking at?” 

It’s human nature, we’re curious. So another way to do this is to think about putting an image of a human, yourself even, pointing or looking at the button.

So think about that! Because when a human is looking at your CTA with a favourable expression, there’s a much higher chance that your audience will

A) Feel good about it

B) Look at your CTA



Graphics are pretty obvious, but I’m sure you’ve seen these on websites. 

Some people may say that using arrows to point to something is like saying, “Click here,” on a button. But I beg to differ. 

In using arrows, it’s just another way to bring attention to what you want the audience to do. It helps them move through your content and get to your CTA. 

People like taking directions, so arrows remove doubt and make it really simple for them to figure out where they’re supposed to go next. 



Colour can be used to help things stand out or push the eye to a space where you want your audience to look.

And it can also be no colour. So perhaps it’s using white space.

I always say, “White space is your friend.” By taking the colour away, the eye then focuses just on the thing that you’ve left within that white space. So remember that! 

You can also use gradients to help move the eye to where you want them to be.

You could also have an image and your CTA, and then blend that image out with a colour over top of it. 


Visual Social Proof 

Sometimes we put testimonials, or we’ll take screenshots from our Facebook groups or pages or Instagrams, for example. And we put them on our landing pages, which is great, but let’s bring some attention to these because those are really, really powerful.

You can use icons to help bring attention to your testimonials or use a different kind of graphic to make them stand out. 

Putting your testimonials within a bar with their own colour, and maybe a funky border on the top and bottom makes them stand out. 

There’s so many different ways that you can bring attention to things! So be thoughtful and spend time planning out those visual cues.

Now your landing page will be a place where your audience can easily move through it and click your CTA.



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