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Blow up your consulting business by productizing your services

9 Ideas To Blow Up Your Consulting Business By Productizing Your Services

A fabulous way to grow and reach a wider audience is by productizing your services. 


You know what takes a lot of work? Selling services!  It’s time, it’s energy, it’s you and your team highly deeply involved with client work. 

A fabulous way to grow and reach a wider audience is by productizing your services. This is when we break down your one-to-one deep high touch offers and create a more accessible option for a bigger, wider audience so you can make a bigger, wider impact. 


Easy YES’s! 

Having something packaged and sort of ready to go, whether it’s like a physical item or a service that you’ve bundled is critical. 

You need to create something that makes you more accessible to people on your website. Whether they maybe don’t know you well enough yet, they don’t trust you yet, or maybe they don’t have the money for your higher ticket service. These are EASY YES’s . 

And the yeses keep happening because they start to know and trust you, then they can move into buying your higher ticket items! 

So, let’s look at some of the things that you can actually create that will help you start sharing easy yes’s to get people into your world. 


Idea #1 : Ebook

The first thing you could do is an eBook series. This is a fast and fairly simple item to put together so it’s a great way to kind of get something out there. Ebooks are a great way to break out your thoughts and share some of your content in bite sized pieces. 


Idea #2: Real Book

Number two thing you could create is a real book. Getting fancy! 

The great thing about a real book is that they bring an extra level of clout. People love talking to people who have a book! SO – If you want to get on podcasts or get more speaking events it’s a great value add.

Another really great thing about real books is that they are there on the shelf. 

When we have a book on somebody’s shelf, even if they’re not pulling it out every day, they know it’s there. So, it’s this extra little boost of trust that we’re constantly building! 


Idea #3: eCourse 

Number three thing you could do is an eCourse. This is becoming more and more popular. I love ePrograms because it gives an opportunity to share some really great knowledge with somebody at a low cost. ECourses are great, because you can really share your knowledge and build the trust factor! 

I do recommend that if you’re doing an eCourse, you show up on screen with your face as much as possible, because we wanna build that TRUST.


Idea #4: Mobile App 

Thing number four, a mobile app. The great thing about these is that you can actually create something pretty useful, and use it as a lead generator for something bigger. 

As much as it sounds like a really big thing, mobile apps aren’t that hard to build if it’s fairly simple with the right team. You’d be surprised at what you can actually achieve!


Idea #5: Membership Website

Thing number five you can do is create a membership website. These are a little more time intensive on your side because people expect that there’s gonna be new content every month. Something has to happen every month to make them pay for it. So, make sure if you’re going this route that you’re making sure that it’s really highly valuable.

Think about what you can do to level up and keep people engaged and excited about being part of your membership! 


Idea #6: Assessment Tool 

Thing number six is an assessment tool. You can create something like a personality test or assessment as a lead generation tool. People LOVE personality tests! Like where is it, what is it? Give me the link. I gotta go. 

This is a great way to also bring people in to assess depending on their results if they would be a great customer for you or decide if they might be a really good one-to-one client for you. 


Idea #7: Partnership 

Number seven is to partner with someone else that offers something in the same vein as you. Something that compliments what you do and compliments what they do! 

For example, perhaps you’re a life coach. Maybe you’re partnering with a business coach. This would make sense because the clientele can be mixed and matched. 


Idea #8: Events

Number eight is holding an event. We have obviously got really used to online events over the past year. I think online events are amazing, and there’s really cool tools out there that you can use to bring in some interesting interactivities into your online events. 

BUT live events are gonna be coming back too!! The added benefit of hosting events is that you can sort of bring in extra perks. You could consider having pre and post education options, private dinners with your top speakers, or even pop in coaching options. 

These are just a few ways you can level up and amp up the value to help your target audience get as much as they can out of your event. 


Idea #9: Online Tool

Number nine is an online tool or software. You can consider building a massive program that does something fantastic for people, like Canva or Zoom. 

You’re thinking why software?? You’re crazy! 

But there are amazing, brilliant people out there – you do not have to do all of this yourself. It can absolutely be done. If you see a need for something and think “it would be cool if I could do this”, then maybe you’re the one that should create that thing, and then sell it to other people!


Those are nine things you could bring to the table to sort of break up your only service based business.




I would love to know which one of those really stuck out to you? Let me know in the comments!

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