Get 100 *hyper* targeted content ideas

In just 90-minutes, we'll cover:

Sound Familiar?

It’s a battle for the ages. 

And, you’re smack in the middle of it!

The prize?


Here’s the deal:

In this fast-paced, “swipe-left-if-you-bore-me” world, *blending in* is NOT an option.

You need to grab attention. You need to be THE ONE they notice.

That DOESN’T mean posting 20 times a day, it means being strategic and thoughtful…and using new tools.

Just like you, your audience is scrolling along, living life, ignoring LOADS of your content cause it either:

→ Doesn’t stand out
→ Doesn’t relate to them
→ Doesn’t move them to stop-the-scroll!

This is the conundrum of the decade.

So, how?

How do you become the one they stop on?


By creating content that slams them straight in the face by relating to them.

Ok, that was a bit much, but you get my drift.

You gotta make them feel like you’re talking straight to them. Like you know them. Like you SEE them.

*dramatic eye roll*

“Yeah, yeah, obviously,” you say.

Listen, I know, you’ve heard it all before…but here you are…NOT doing it.

Straight up – if your content doesn’t resonate, if it doesn’t solve a problem or spark a reaction…

…you’re screaming into the void…just like 90% of your competitors taking up space, making it harder for you to be seen.



So, here’s your golden ticket (hat tip to Wonka):

A FREE, 90-mins workshop where I spill the goods on discovering 100 MIND-BLOWING content ideas using 3 of my *secret* tricks with ChatGPT.

Content that stands out, is relatable, and solves a problem or gives an “Ah-ha! HOLY MOLY YES!” and is EASY PEASY once you know how to make it happen.

So, join me, and I’ll show you how to harness ChatGPT to unearth content ideas that hit the mark – every. single. time.

Again, here’s what we’ll cover:

→ What ChatGPT *actually* is (no it’s not alive)

→ A short (but crazy interesting) ChatGPT history lesson

→ Why and how to “feed the beast” to get 🎶 what you want, what you really, really want 🎶 (I couldn’t resist)

→ The *ohhhh that is so wrong* way and *OMG yaaaas* right way to prompt like a boss *brush your shoulders off*

→ Coming up with LOADS of HYPER targeted content ideas using THREE *surprising* ways (I’ll make you do the “OH WOW! COOL!”)

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Hi, I'm Amanda!

I’m all about building brands and content that instil trust, build credibility and engage my client’s audience.

Before I launched my agency full-time in 2013, I worked in the corporate world where, I led massive, million dollar marketing projects for an IT Education and Consulting company on an international scale and 6 years later, I stepped into leadership roles with 2 large real estate firms in the Greater Toronto Area where I worked with over 200 small businesses, helping them to create brands that stood out, build hyper organized processes and develop trustworthy businesses.

I wrapped up all the good stuff I learned in that time…and all the new stuff I learn now (I see you ChatGPT, my new ideation buddy) and use it to help my clients make serious splashes in the pools they want to swim in.

I’m excited to share this workshop with you where we’ll use 20+ years of knowledge mixed with ChatGPT to create HYPER targeted content. It’s going to be epic!

Some clients:

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