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“Click.” Start the countdown…you have 3 seconds to grab their attention.

Did you know that it only takes someone 3 seconds to decide if they’ll take action on your membership site (or any other type of site)?

Count that out. It’s fast, very fast.

So, why, when they arrived to your super-fabulous membership site where they can access tons of content, videos, podcasts, templates, and more…is there’s nothing that tells them that?

Instead, you have a great image and a “Sign up now; it’s free!” button.

Come on man.

Would you hand over your email address when you have no idea what’s behind the image? If you answered no, then you’re just like 95% of people out there.

Why are you making it so hard to get people to join?

Free or not, no one is going to give their details when there’s nothing that explains to them what exactly they’re going to get in return for that hand over.

What’s the ROI for them?

Yep, that’s right. You need to think about what you’re giving them in return for their investment of giving you their information.

You could have pulled this off 10 years ago before our inboxes were loaded with promo emails, but in 2017, you need to do a lot better than that.

Oh, and you want more than their email address, you want their company name, and phone number so sales can get a jump on them?!

Whoa – now you are really pushing your luck.

If someone wants me to hand over my phone number, even my company’s number, there better be a VERY good reason for it and a free account to something where I have no idea what I’m actually going to gain access to…well, that definitely isn’t it.

You have to remember that while you know about all the great stuff behind the scenes is wonderful and that it would benefit your clients tremendously, they don’t know what you know. Nor do they value it the same way.

How about trying a few things differently?

1. Beef up your landing page.

When they arrive to your main URL, you should include a few things that give them an idea of what they’ll get once they sign up.

How about 3 reasons how this information will benefit them? What will using your templates actually DO for them in their own workspace? How will it make them and/or their team better/happier?

2. Social proof it up!

Get some great testimonials and showcase them right there. Or say something like, “20,000 professionals are already members!”. Or include a live Facebook commenting area where people have posted something about you.

3. An inside look

Record a video of what it looks like behind the scenes, open up some of the templates, videos, podcasts, etc. Really give them an inside look.

You could also have a couple of free downloads that they don’t even need to sign-up for. I know, that sounds crazy, but it works!

Trust is all you’ve got

The more trust you build, the easier it is for them to sign up and to give you their BEST email address.

You need to show them why they should give you personal information that will allow you to access them 24-7.

These suggestions are just a few ideas, but you should definitely spend some researching this if you’re planning on building a Membership site or hire someone that understands it, like us at SparkologyLab (shameless plug).

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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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