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If they don't know you exist how can they buy from you?

Hell Yes!
10,000 times!

drop the
*stress* weight

I see it, weighing you down, killing your motivation, making you feel like you'll never get out of that rut you're stuck in.

imagine feeling ease?

grow with:

Content made easy

In just ONE DAY we’ll develop your targeted 90-day content plan with tools that you can use again and again. 

Effective? Check. 

Targeted? Check. 

Sustainable? Absolutely.

We kickstart with a 2-hour power session, where we’ll deep dive into your business, audience, content, and brand tone. 

Next, we take everything we learned, customized prompts and we feed ChatGPT to develop your 90-day content plan that hits the bullseye with your audience.

Your live feedback ensures brand-aligned output.

Finally, within 72 hours, you’ll receive your final content plan, target audience analysis, custom ChatGPT prompts to create your content, brand voice guidelines, and access to a recording of our Zoom session.

The result?

Tailored content that resonates with your audience, amplifies your brand, and achieves your business goals.  

Big benefits!

A targeted content plan can change everything for you

Consistent Content

Stick to the plan, churn out high-quality content. Simpler than toast and butter.


High-quality content elevates your reputation, making you an authority.

Brand Identity

Custom prompts mimic your brand voice for instant recognition.

Sales Growth

Content tailored to your audience will build trust and move them to action.

More Engagement

Our strategy zeroes in on your audience. Think of it as an interaction magnet.


Our approach will put your brand on the map. More eyes, more recognition.

Resource Efficiency

Clear content schedule equals resource zen. It's like having a roadmap in a labyrinth.

Involvement and Transparency

You're driving, not hitchhiking. Full access pass, no smoke and mirrors.


The plan's flexible. New audience insights? No sweat. It's the yoga of content strategies.

Don't set up a 'No Entry'
sign in your mind

It's as common as muck for me to hear, "if I lure in more folks, more clients will ensue and, dear me, how will I handle that?"

There's always a solution to *more*

Bad advice can bring good results

Some "business advice" is useless. Grab your popcorn and prepare to nod along, and remember—what not to do can sometimes be just as important as what to do.

"You don't need a content strategy."

Yep, and ships don't need a rudder. Enjoy being lost at sea. Content strategy keeps your ship on course.

"Just wing it."

It's not a late-night improv show, it's your business. Don't wing it, plan it.

"All AI content tools are the same."

Not all dogs are poodles, amiright? AI tools vary as much as a dog show lineup. And ChatGPT? It's the Best in Show.

"One size fits all."

If that were true, we'd all be wearing onesies. Customize, don't homogenize.

"Don't sweat the process."

That's like a chef not knowing what goes in the soup. Be in the kitchen, taste the soup, know the recipe.

"Stick strictly to the plan, no exceptions."

If content strategy is a dance, consider flexibility your tango. Don't be a wallflower, dance with change.


Ever feel like your content strategy is a runaway train, careening off the tracks? It's time to take back the control.

control, not chaos.

I’ve been in the web design and digital marketing game for over 20 years. Yes, you read that right, two decades. I’ve seen it all, from the dial-up days to the dawn of AI.

In 2013, I started my agency, combining my experience leading marketing teams and real estate companies with my love for all things digital. I’ve been helping businesses grow online ever since, one well-placed keyword at a time.

I use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to create content plans. It’s like having a robot sidekick, but without the risk of a sci-fi movie style uprising. This process involves deep research and interactive sessions, ensuring your brand’s voice comes through loud and clear.

When I’m not busy playing digital matchmaker between businesses and their audiences, I’m hanging out with my Boston Terrier, Buffy. She’s a comedian in a dog’s body.

Ready to harness the power of AI and take your content to the next level? Let’s do this.

Hey! I'm Amanda!


Borrowing ideas from competitors? Let's carve out a unique space that's all yours in the market. You deserve more than a "me too" strategy.

stand out. get noticed!

Exactly what to expect

The entire *Consistent* Content Made Easy System is completed in 10 days or less, so you'll be able to start implementing your fresh content immediately.

Part 1


Picture the first part of our 5-hour day as a cozy fireside chat, only instead of marshmallows, we’re roasting the nuts and bolts of your business.

We’ll dissect your audience as if they were a rare species—understanding their quirks, preferences, and what makes them tick.

We’ll also shine a spotlight on your current content.

It’s like an episode of a reality TV show where we sift through the glitz to get to the real deal.

And your brand voice?

We’ll nail it down as meticulously as a classical composer tunes his piano.

In 2-hours we'll learn your audience, brand, and goals

Part 2


Once we’ve wrapped up the chit-chat, we’ll dive into a round of detective work worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

We’re talking deep dives into industry details, combing through audience behaviour, stalking your competition (legally, of course), and exploring any crevices that hold relevant insights.

With this treasure chest of information, we’ll craft bespoke prompts for ChatGPT.

Think of it as creating a gourmet meal for our AI buddy, ensuring it dishes out Michelin-star content that resonates with your audience.

in 1-hour, we'll create the right prompts to work with chatgpt to move your business forward

Part 3


Finally, in the last 2-hours of our meeting, which is less of a meeting and more of a grand spectacle.

With our custom prompts in hand, we’ll coax ChatGPT into crafting your 90-day Content Plan.

Picture it as a improv theatre show where ChatGPT takes the stage while you orchestrate the performance.

Your feedback plays the all-important role of the audience’s applause or boos, guiding the show to ensure every line delivered is pitch-perfect and in harmony with your brand’s unique rhythm.

It’s not just about the data, it’s about the drama—your brand’s drama.

we'll create your hyper-targeted content plan to grow your business

How much is a clear, focused, targeted content plan worth to you?

What you'll get:

content calendar

This is your 90-day content roadmap, listing posting dates, topics, outlines, platforms, and associated images. It's like having a GPS for your content journey.

Worth $3500

audience report

This is a detailed snapshot of your target audience, outlining their pain points, favorite platforms, and more. It's your guide to understanding what makes them tick.

Worth $1000

Brand voice

Here, we nail down the specific tone and style of your brand. Think of it as your brand's voice coach, ensuring you always hit the right notes.

Worth $3000

ChatGPT prompts

These CUSTOM prompts are tailor-made to suit your brand, content, and goals. It's the secret sauce that helps ChatGPT cook up content that's just right for you.

Worth $1000

The Video replay

You'll get unrestricted access to our Zoom session, allowing you to revisit the brainstorming and creative process anytime you wish. It's like having a rewind button for our meetings.

Worth $500


Never worry about what to post next or how to keep your content fresh. You've got this, and we've got your back.

never feel lost again.


Your journey to brand success starts here. Imagine harnessing the power of AI, solid research, and tailoring it all just for your brand.

We’re talking more than a calendar. 

It’s audience insight, brand voice refinement, and a path to higher engagement. All in a user-friendly format. Plus, you get to be in the driver’s seat, aligning the strategy with your vision.

Ditch the mediocre. Stand out. Resonate with your audience and broadcast your brand message loud and clear.

Take the leap. Click that button to get started. The extraordinary journey of your content begins now. Let’s make it unforgettable.

Got Questions?

What is the cost of the service?

For just $997 CAD (or there is a 3-month payment plan), tax included, you're not just buying a service, you're investing in a transformative content strategy that will elevate your brand and engage your audience like never before!

How much time do I need to commit to this service?

We need you for FIVE HOURS: In just ONE DAY, we'll unlock a treasure trove of content potential! In this short span, we'll craft a targeted, detailed, and sustainable 90-day content plan that will keep your brand in the spotlight.

What expertise does your team have in creating content plans?

Our team is spearheaded by the brilliant Amanda Ross, a seasoned veteran with over a decade of experience in crafting compelling content for diverse platforms. With Amanda, you're in the hands of a master storyteller (Amanda rolled her eyes at that)!

How customized will the content plan be?

We believe in the power of personalization! Your content plan will be as unique as your brand, reflecting your business's distinct character and resonating with your specific audience. We feed ChatGPT with a rich diet of your brand's content, ensuring it speaks your language!

What happens after the 90 days?

The journey doesn't end after 90 days! You'll have a toolkit of ChatGPT prompts to continue creating engaging content. It's like a content strategy booster shot, keeping your brand messaging fresh and relevant!

How effective is the use of AI (ChatGPT) in creating the content plan?

ChatGPT is a game-changer! It's like a gourmet chef - feed it the right ingredients, and it will whip up a feast of amazing content. With our expert guidance, ChatGPT will become your brand's best friend!

What does the final content plan include?

Your final content plan is a comprehensive roadmap to content success! It includes a detailed spreadsheet with a 90-day content schedule, and custom ChatGPT prompts that will help you create content that truly embodies your brand voice, tone, and style. Plus, you'll get an audience report and brand tone guidelines.

Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

Absolutely! We stand by our service with a 100% refund guarantee. If you need to cancel, just let us know 72 hours prior to our first meeting. We're all about risk-free, high-reward solutions!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can choose to pay in one of the following two ways:

1 payment of $997
3 monthly payments of $399

It's time to create your

highly targeted

90-day content plan

You ready to start making a REAL impact?


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