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Website project overwhelm is real…

We see you over there, worrying that a website project will completely take over your life, thinking about all the ways this could go wrong and filled with anxiety over:

You’ve been doing some serious research and have all the checklists and ideas, do’s, don’ts, must haves, never haves, the lingo, above-the-folds, landing pages, funnels, icons and social proofs and now your head is literally spinning! 

Oh, and never mind all the contradicting information on “best practices”. Puff puff.

We feel you and it’s time to make that happen.

Year over year growth 62% increase


“You ramp up our projects to what I could have never envisioned! …you helped me build new strategies…you exceed the expectations…”

~Lynn Hand, Executive Director, FEC

Not all Web Agencies are alike

We’ve been doing this a long time (in fact, our founder, Amanda Ross built her 1st website in 2001 and started this company in 2013) and have heard all the horror stories about other web designers, like: 

Hearing stories like this can be scary…but we PROMISE – we’re not all like this. 

In fact, at BrashBerry, we believe in transparency, honesty and clear communication.

We do what we say we’re going to do and work with you to add as much value as we can to make it EASY FOR YOU!

I don't even know what to say... I'm crying right now!


“…brilliant, highly responsive, amazingly creative and innovative in (their) approach to design, functionality and brand.” 

~Grace Churchill, Founder, LeadersOutloud

Here's how it works...

Our process, that’s been perfected since 2013, removes all of those horror stories because we ensure that “we get it” before we “create” it.

We gather information to fully comprehend what you need…not just a vague understanding, but a holistic view of your goals, audience, brand and the impact you want to make.

Why does that matter you might ask…well, without knowing where you want to go, who you serve and why, we can’t create a space that speaks to them and helps move you to the future you envision.

"Design that forgets people, gets forgotten."

Amanda Ross

Founder, BrashBerry

Sure, we could create a pretty website design that you feel kinda happy about…


We wanna create a space that feels EXACTLY like you and speaks to your audience …and more importantly, moves them to take action. Through the visuals and story we weave, we help you make that impact you really want to make.

So, before we even start designing we research, gather, plan, strategize, understand, and eat your organization up like a delicious breakfast so we can move forward and create something that TRULY works.

Here’s our 9-step process, that can take 12-24 weeks depending on the size of your project:

Free Consultation

Book your free 20 mins video meeting to share your goals and learn if we're the right fit for your project.

Discovery Session

If the fit is right and you want to move forward, we'll book and hold a 90-mins session to dive into your needs.

Proposal Creation

Now that we have what we need, we'll build your custom website design proposal within 72-hrs (M-F).


When you approve the proposal, we will send you the agreement, once signed we will schedule your project!

Setup & Package

We create your project space with all branding elements (colours, typography, visuals) from Discovery.

Content & Messaging

A content plan is created with powerful messaging to connect with and engage your audience to take action.

Wireframes & Plan

We create visual layouts with content needs for all main pages and overall site visuals for consistent branding.

Website Design

We finally move into live website design for your project. We bring everything we've planned together.

Launch & Support

We launch onto your domain, give you access to our training vault and are available for 30 days for minor changes.

Love the look and feel. Love it!


“…amazing web designer…smooth and easy. Thanks for creating my amazing new website! I absolutely love it!” 

~Leslie Quinsay, Author

Project scope

Our website design projects aren’t run of the mill. We look at all aspects of your organization goals, brand, and audience to create a space that “works” for you.

Here’s a few of the things we look at for all projects:

The end is the beginning

Your web design project starts with knowing exactly where you are now and where you wanna go. Using that, we develop S.M.A.R.T. goals to track and measure success.

Impactful Messaging: Make them seen

A relatable and authentic brand voice is vital to making an impact with your target audience. 1st we need to know who they are then we need to speak to them. We want them to say, "They get me!"

The one & only design!

The website crafted for you will be a blend of original creativity, relatable messaging and intuitive design. This builds the K.L.T. factor (Know, Like, Trust) between you and your audience.

Know Thy Competition: It's fierce

Your audience is either choosing you...or them! So it's critical to know what they're up to so you can compete. With our Micro-CR, we'll hunt out data that will help eliminate the other choices.

Actionable Engagement & SEO

We use SEO, action-driven copy, content and visuals that will engage your audience to take action on your website. You want them to click, connect and commit, we help you do that.

Crucial Data: We're nothing without it

We need to know who's coming, staying, clicking, what's attracting them, where are they from and more. Your website will be SEO friendly, keywords rich and your analytics will track what matters.

The Rules: Keepin' it legit

In the world of website design, Google is the Queen of the land, so we strive to make her happy. We do this by incorporating responsive design, SSL security certificates, and Privacy Policies for your site.

Training Vault access

Once we finish your web design, we empower you by giving you access to our training vault where you'll find easy to follow training videos, step-by-step how to's, best practices, and more. We never leave you stranded.

Some wicked-good clients:

Learning Management System & Membership

Problem: Live educational events that the Family Education Centre (FEC) held were generating a very low turnout, their LMS wasn’t working, and their website had no brand voice. Their capacity was maxed out. Their website had multiple errors. They were frustrated with technology partners and were scared to trust anyone. 

Solution: Trust was built through open, honest discussions and by doing what we said we were going to do – every time. We moved them to be fully online with 20+ engaging online courses integrated into a learning management system with member levels, digital resources (podcast, tip-sheet downloads, and more), detailed reporting plus updated branding and messaging.

Outcome: The FEC made a 68% bigger impact with substantial gains in capacity and future scalability.


Problem: Heart House Hospice (HHH) had online resources in too many places; it was confusing and hard to find the right tool. Paperwork was also being handled multiple times in an inefficient manner. They felt “messy” and overloaded. 

Solution: A new knowledge-sharing website was developed that allows users to easily find the right resources, quickly. Crucial intake forms with sensitive information were rebuilt digitally to create a secure and efficient process for the user to submit critical details and for the HHH team to access it in their system quickly.

Outcome: The team LOVE having their forms integrated perfectly with their process flow and the capacity it has given HHH to redirect them to other responsibilities. Users are finding what they need without confusion and are coming back again and again.

Oh...We love being "extra"!

The sky is the limit

We have no idea why “being extra” became such a bad thing, cause we’re all about it! We believe that every project is a precious shiny gem that need different treatments to make it radiate in all its glory. 

Here are some extras we can add to your project:

More projects!

Play In Peel

Website design, branding, logo design, custom icons, searchable resource section, video editing, image sourcing, 28-day social media launch plan, social media designs and content, event calendar.

Leslie Quinsay, Author

Designed logo, created book images that pop, developed and designed website, created email freebie, added event calendar, built MailChimp auto email campaign and more.

Heart House Hospice

Website design (over 45 pages), clean website structure, events calendar, event pages, ability to register and pay for events on site, large forms created, email list building CTA, and more.

Family Education Centre

Updated branding and messaging, website design, online donations, learning management system, podcast setup, members only access, 12 online course designs (and counting), weekly email, and more.

Crowd Velocity

Complete website design overhaul, updated branding and messaging, fixed tech issues, cleaned up back-end, added more creative flair to site.

Crypto Clothesline Podcast

Complete website design overhaul, fixed tech issues, connected podcast correctly, podcast slider.

Leaders Outloud

Website design, sales package, client coaching binder, email newsletter, blog.

Groundswell Urban Planners

Website design, portfolio with PDF downloads, animated graphic opener (logo), and additional mini-sites.

Grace Churchill

Website design, daily blog, weekly emails.

Prospecting Biz

Website design, updated branding.

TK Olympic Taekwondo

Website design, registration online.

Peter Vukojevic

Website design, new branding/logo, copywriting, business cards, postcards, linked to real estate website (, and more.


Impactful website design is what we're all about. So, let's get on with this thing and make it happen for you today!
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