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Your Digital Presence tells a story – is it the right one?

Did you know that your Digital Presence tells a story about you? Sure you did!

…are you actually taking advantage of it?

For example, do you have a website that you never log on to? What about a blog that never sees a new post? Or, do you just have Twitter on auto-pilot?

Not the best ever.

It’s important to showcase yourself in the best light, be engaged, share great stuff, have an opinion or other great stuff, and more.

People want to know about you, they WILL check you out.

People will actually make decisions about you based on your Digital Presence. If you tell someone that you’re a Speaker, and they go to your Twitter account only to see that you only have a couple thousand followers and you rarely engage with them…that will send them a message about who you are.

If they go to your website and want to contact you, but it takes multiple clicks to do that…that sends a message (and they’ll likely get annoyed and contact the next person on their list).

You need to think about your Digital Presence every day!

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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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