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The Story Of How I Wrote My 6 Word Mission Statement

Impatience is one of my biggest personality traits. I can’t help it, I’ve always been this way. If I spent an hour shopping for the most perfect thing only to find a massive line-up at the checkout, I am not the type who will wait. Nope, I place said item where ever I can and walk out the door. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Is this a bad thing? Not in my books.

Impatience helps me create quickly and it moves me along in the decision making process.

Don’t get me wrong, I research til the cows come home, but they’re fast cows and once I feel like I’ve gotten everything I need to make a choice, I make it and move on.

And, I’m not impatient with everything, in fact, I’m often told how utterly calm and patient I am with people and the ever-exhausting tech I have to use every day.

One day I decided that the businesses needed a focus. I wanted some kind of guiding light to help remember why I do what I do and how I help.

A mission statement – or something similar.

I’ve seen many mission statements in my time and most are fine. Some are general, while some are concise. It depends on the business.

For me I needed it to be very quick and very easy to absorb.

So, instead of a complete statement I went with 6 words that guide me every day.

They help me focus on exactly what I want people to feel when they interact with my brand and me.

Let’s dive in…


I want to be able to attract and hold the attention of my audience, to captivate them. Using the brand is a great way to do this, so I aim to create a fun, yet professional environment in everything I write and create for SparkLab itself.


My entire career I’ve been working to empower other women in every way I can. With my clients, I do this by sharing as transparently and clearly as I can. I want them to feel empowered to make choice about their online brands, digital tools they choose, and marketing avenues they go down. Knowledge is power and I’m happy to share what I know with anyone who wants to listen…sometimes they don’t want to but I tell them anyway!


This is my happy place. I always, alllways want every one I work with to feel delighted by what we create together, by the conversation we have, I want them to feel giddy and excited and ready to move forward on whatever it is we’re doing next.


The best way to build trust and help others is to educate. I do this constantly by sharing knowledge, creating online courses, adding value to their process even if it’s NOT something we’re working on yet.


Through knowledge sharing, transparency (much like my $50K challenge) I want to be influential in their business and growth. I want to be someone they know they can turn to for guidance, help, or just new ideas to go to the next level.


Who doesn’t want to inspire others? I DO! I  aim to inspire ideas in my clients and audience, I want them to “go there” every time. Don’t let anything hamper your idea machine. I want to inspire them to be creative in their business, be fearless and try things they never thought of before. I want to help them move their brands in new directions and be open to change.

How to create a 6 word Mission Statement

Step 1
Research what your current clients LOVE about working with you. How do you currently make them feel?
Step 2
How do you want new clients to feel about your brand?
Step 3
Choose a few words that relate to those feelings
Step 4
Dive into the Thesaurus to uncover the RIGHT words, the perfect ones for you. Choose your final 6.
Step 5
Get creative about what images fit with those words
(Delight = rainboots, because kids feel "delighted" when they jump in puddles)
Step 6
Using Photoshop design your images with the words on them or use
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What about you?

Do you have a mission statement that helps guide you everything you do in your business? If not, why not start now?

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