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How nonprofits make money online. Learn how to bring in donations for your nonprofit.

Everything You Need To Know About How NonProfits Make Money Online

This post is about sharing how nonprofits can make money online! Here are 5 easy things you can implement to help your nonprofit start bringing in more funding.



I’ve been working with small business owners and nonprofits for about eight years now, focusing on helping them build out online learning, membership sites, and using the digital space so they can increase awareness funding. 

I wanna make sure you don’t miss out on any great opportunities to make the greatest IMPACT! 


Online Training 

One of the biggest ways that nonprofits can start bringing in money is by building online training. You have so much knowledge and information that you can make such an impact on helping people understand your cause or teach them the tools that they need! 

For instance, one of my clients, the Family Education Center, helps parents and families learn how to work together to be the best family and support each other. They started doing live courses in person, and then we shifted them into online training. They now have 12 online courses! It’s a great way for the FEC to bring in money that they can now use to further their cause and continue doing great things for other families. 



Another great way is by actually using webinars. There are some different ways that you can actually use webinars to actually make money. One of them is by having a paid webinar – it can be live or evergreen, which means that it’s available 24/7! This option gives you a little bit more free time so that you’re not always doing live online sessions. 

Another way to do it is to run a webinar and then ask for a donation at the end to support your cause. You could consider sharing information that you have learned being the nonprofit that you are, or by using stories and situations that have happened with the people that you’ve been connected with and who you’ve helped. 


Online Donations

A lot of nonprofits aren’t aware that you can actually take donations right on your website! It’s really important to have that sort of big, bold button,”Donate now.” right at the top of your site that directs people to a donate page. You can either provide options for amounts or allow people to put in whatever value they feel. 

You never know what can happen when you sort of give people the opportunity to give donations in a way that is comfortable and makes sense for them. 



One great thing that happens when using crowdfunding is that you start building an audience you might not have had before. There are lots of people that go onto specific websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo looking for great causes that they can support. This might be someone that could never have heard of you any other way. 

Crowdfunding is an amazing way to build that audience and bring in different funds from different people! 



The last option to consider is partnering with an organization that has a similar audience to you!

For example, if they already have an online training opportunity, you could partner with them to be part of one of their online courses, and then you get a percentage of that course. 

You can also do this as an affiliate. On your website or on your social media you can share these other courses with your partners. Every time someone buys a course on their website, you get a kickback, which is amazing. Having these multiple streams coming in is a great way to start building up your funding. 



Comment below and tell me which one of these things you’re either already doing or which one you think you should start doing right now!

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