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What You Need To Become Insanely Good At Problem Solving

When you start a business, no matter what it is, the goal isn’t to have a mind-blowing idea necessarily, but rather to SOLVE A PROBLEM.

That’s why people hire you.

And, while you may solve 1 massive problem, you also need to be able to solve multiple other problems.

Some of these could be client related, while some could be related to your business growth.

In this video, I’m going to cover 5 ways to be insanely good at problem solving.

The good news: just like any skill, you can LEARN to be a fabulous problem solver.

The bad news: very few businesses last without a good problem solver at the helm.

To start things off, I want to be sure you really understand why being a freaking fabulous problem solver is so critical to your business.

Imagine you’re driving to your friends for her 40th birthday when all of a sudden there’s a tree just smack in the middle of the road, you can’t drive around it…

What do you do?

If you are a problem solver, you hunt out a solution, maybe you:

  1. Go another route
  2. Take out the handy axe you have in your trunk and chop that tree down (it could happen)
  3. Call the city to get someone out there to move this tree

You get my point.

A problem solver takes action and SOLVES the problem so they can keep moving towards their goal.

If you are NOT a problem, you may find yourself sitting in your car for days waiting for someone to come along to move the tree or just turning around and going home missing the big birthday bash.

Those who can’t solve problems allow obstacles to stop them from reaching their goal…wishing the problem would just go away or struggling because they feel like they have to come up with the 1 RIGHT answer.

This tends to be a BIG reason for not solving problems because we want to choose the best option, and there are often many voices about what the best option is and we hate conflict so instead we just wait for someone else to solve it.

However, having conflicting opinions is a great way to find a great solution because you’re receiving additional information about what the problem is and seeing additional problems in those solutions until you can break it down enough that most obstacles have been eliminated.

Being a good problem solver means you can assess a situation, analyze the information and make an educated decision on how to move forward…and it doesn’t always have to be perfect straight away…it may mean coming up with a solution and then reworking it until it’s pretty damn good.

now we know why it matters, let’s look at How to be insanely good at problem solving…

I’m going to share with you 5 ways to help you develop your problem solving skills.

  1. No ideas are bad ideas
  2. Write them all down
  3. Build on them
  4. Let your mind REALLY go there
  5. The crazier the better

Alright, are you ready to become a problem solver? Let’s do this!!


Watch the video for full explanations on each of these 5 things

How did that feel? Are you already doing some of those things to problem solve?

Which one will you try next?


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