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How To Be More Productive And Achieve Your Goals This Year

What’s the difference between busy work and productive work? In this video, I’ll cover easy ways to be more productive and some creative ways to change how you create your to-do list that doesn’t move you forward into one that achieves your business goals.

The number of things you check off in a day does not make a successful business day. Being productive has nothing to do with the number of items you check off your list.

In fact, when you are truly focused on the right things, your to-do list may only have 1-2 things on it instead of a long list.

The method I explain in this video will completely shift how you view your daily hustle, what things you give your attention to and how to make your day more productive.

You will start writing to-do lists that are actually achievable, relevant and will achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself and your business.

Watch this video now to start seeing real results.

It’s the end of the week and you feel exhausted because you were so “busy” all week…but you feel like you accomplished nothing.

You haven’t moved closer to your goal of growing your consulting or coaching business.

But, you got a LOT done.

Your checklist is complete.

Your to do’s are finished.

You did everything you said you were going to do.

Now, you’re looking at your list for next week thinking about all the things you have to get done…and you hope, cross your fingers that you will feel differently at the end of next week.

You will see exactly where you’re going wrong and how to fix it so you can REALLY start crushing it and stop working on bullshit.

In this video, I’m going to cover how to stop being busy to grow your business.

“Busy” work tricks you into thinking you’re being productive, but this isn’t true.

Busy means you are filling your time with tasks…you know the ones, they are on your list and you can just tick them off and it feels so dang good.

BUT, they aren’t actually moving you forward.

We feel super awesome because we create these long to do lists that are mostly filled with BUSY work.

Whereas, productive means you are reaching your goals…you are taking steps to move yourself and your business forward.

This is what we want to fill out the day with…at least try to balance it out more.

So often, as I already mentioned we get stuck in BUSY work instead of staying focused on growth goals.

We get caught in the weeds doing all the things and wasting time on NON essential business items or they are “Surprise” items…

These are things that pop up because we didn’t plan accordingly or think ahead.

For example, I just did this…I schedule a client meeting through my calendar and at the time of the meeting, I realized I didn’t set it up right. I ALWAYS start in Zoom and it auto creates an event in my calendar.

For some unknown reason I moved too fast and went straight to my calendar instead, so there was no Zoom link in the meeting.

I had to dive into zoom to create the meeting and email her with the link.

Embarrassing and annoying because I lost time doing final prep for our convo.

We need to think about where we are spending our time and energy.

SO, for everything we do, we should have a goal for that thing.

For example, I have decided that Pinterest is a place I want to spend my time to grow my following, reach and business, instead of just going to town with that, I asked myself a couple of questions:

  • What 3 things do I want to achieve with Pinterest?
  • How will I do that?
  • How much time am I willing to give to this goal?

If I suddenly find that I’m seeing more unrelated pins in my feed, that means I’ve strayed from that goal….it means I have been pinning recipes instead of business related topics.

In fact, eliminating busy work is, in itself, productive!

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that your busy work isn’t helping you achieve your goals…they may be somewhat helpful, but they are NOT the most crucial things you could be doing.

Being “busy” can give you false feelings of accomplishment (especially if we get a boat load of likes or retweets, ami right) only to be met with little or no results and the cycle starts again and again and you are left feeling overwhelmed, like you are working HARD and getting nothing back…

…cause you’ve been so BUSY.

And, busy work is attractive, it often masks itself as fun, creative, necessary.

AND, again, we’re checking things off that list!!

Check, check, check – done, done, done!!

It’s captivating.

It can be hard to suss out what’s busy work and what’s not.

What we need to do is stop and evaluate the VALUE of those things.

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