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How to Create a Simple Video For Your Landing Page

How to Create a Simple Video For Your Landing Page

Did you know that video on the landing page will increase conversions by 80%? 

So, that alone should sell you on using video. But if it hasn’t, let me try to beef it up a little bit more. 


Video on your landing pages is so important.

The benefits of video are massive because it helps you build trust with your audience. 

People start to feel like they know you, they feel your vibe, they know how you talk, they like your swagger. It’s an amazing way to really connect with your audience. 

Did you also know that when your audience watches a video, 64% of them are now more likely to buy your product. 

Look, I’m not telling you that it’s gonna be easy, video can be hard. 

When I very first did my first videos, I was garbage at it. And I thought, “Oh, you know what I need? “I need all the things. “That will make my videos better.” So, I bought a 10 by 30 big roll of paper, with this huge 10 foot thing that holds it up, I bought a three piece lighting kit, multiple microphones, and different tripods. I have all the things. 

Now, here I am 10 years later, and all I did was pop a light on because it is dark in here, and used my tripod and a mic. I do it all on my phone. So, you don’t need all the things is what I’m saying, you don’t need all the things. 

The reality is that to make a good video, what you need is PRACTICE. The more you practice, the more you’re gonna get more comfortable with moving around, with talking, and with using a script. 

Practice, as they say, makes perfect. 

If you’re new to video, let me just give you a couple of tips:  

Definitely grab a tripod. My tripod was 30 bucks on Amazon. Don’t go crazy, that’s all you need. 

My mic was probably 30 bucks on Amazon, maybe a little bit less.

And find a location that has good lighting. 

Then, record yourself every single day for two weeks, every single day, for two weeks, record yourself. 

The first time’s gonna feel weird, and you’re gonna hate it, just delete them though. You’re recording these knowing they’re going nowhere. Bye. 

By the fourteenth day though, you might feel okay to share that one, because by the fourteenth day, you will have gotten a little more comfortable, you’ll find your way a little bit more, you’ll be figuring things out. 

Just commit to trying. 

And once you’re there, then you’re gonna say, “All right, I’m ready to create my video for my landing page,” which is AMAZING. 

So, here are a couple of tips for your script that you should include on your landing page video: 

First, know your audience. Start with the problem, and lead them to the solution. 

What are the three things that are going to benefit them the most? What are they going to get? What are those three things that they are going to achieve, accomplish, or learn? What are those main three things? 

Include a CTA within the video, so also using video cues, click the button, sign up below, get your free call. Use those visual cues in the video, and call out your CTA as well. 

Read your script out loud at least once. 

I actually don’t do full scripting anymore, I do bullet points, and I just kinda go with the flow. 

Now you’re ready, record. Do this in chunks and don’t stop the video. Every time I make a mistake in a video, I stop, and I count to 10.

The reason I do that is that when I edit my videos, I can see the audio. There are two bars, one is the video, one is the audio. So when it drops, I know I stopped talking. 

That way I know I can go to those places and I don’t have to rewatch my whole video, I ain’t got time!

So, I go to those drops, and I see what happened before and after. Did I literally make a mistake, and I am saying the exact same thing over again? That means I have to cut out a bit of the words ahead of the drop, and bring the new stuff forward. Or is it just that I’m doing it in chunks? This method is really simple and easy for editing videos. 

Another note is that the video on your landing page really doesn’t have to be that long, 30 to 90 seconds, that’s really the goal. 

I hope that thinking about those things will help you get that landing page video done. So get out there and do some video! 



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