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How to Develop an Easy Funnel to Generate More Leads From Your Landing Page

This Is How To Build A Top-Notch Funnel To Generate More Leads

You don’t have to get crazy sophisticated to build a funnel that works for your business. Simple is often better.

Here are some simple steps to create a funnel that gets people on your email list and buying your digital or virtual products! 


Let’s talk about how and why the upsell works. The hardest sale is always the first one. Once you have that, getting that second sale is so much easier. It’s because it’s easier for them to say YES. They said yes once, why not say yes again! 

That’s really at the core of why an upsell on the thank you page works. So having a landing page is a massive step. But don’t ignore the opportunity that you’re given with the thank you upsell page or one-time offer. 


One-Time Offer

And why does an OTO work so well? Because they’re still in buying mode! 

They’re in a “yes” mood. Let’s get them moving on into something else. Let’s get them knowing you a bit more and getting deeper into your arena. 

So they’re right at your landing page, they ate up what you’re offering, trusted you, and clicked on that “Buy Now” button, and they said, Yes. 

Now, instead of moving them straight to the checkout, you send them to your one-time offer thank you page. Make sure that it is an exclusive and special offer. And we want it to be an offer they cannot refuse. It’s gotta be really fabulous! 

The one-time offer should be a little bit of a higher price because if you’re doing a freebie with a thank you upsell, then you need to put a price on it. But if you’re doing sort of a low cost offer with an upsell, your upsell should still get a little bit more money. 

Your low-cost offer is probably going to be around $12-17. And then your one-time offer should be somewhere between $24-97. 

Anything higher will be a bit tougher to sell. Your one-time offer should compliment your main offer. 

For example, you can go through this training and do it yourself, or you can get a little bit more help and purchase our templates and implement them. So the course is amazing and can totally be used on its own, but the add-on will totally help make it easier. 

That’s important. It’s important that your upsell doesn’t force them. Make sure you don’t build a funnel where your main offer is only good with the upsell. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. 

Your main offer must be amazing on its own and not reliant on the second offer! 

So depending on the shopping cart you’re using, this will dictate how you actually set this up technically, but basically what you want is a button on your landing page and you want it to do two things. 

  1. Add Item to Shopping Cart
  2. You want to move them to the upsell page and thank you page. 


Then that page should have two options. 

  1. “Click here” to buy this upsell option! This button will then add that additional item to the shopping cart. Then it will also bring them to the shopping cart page to checkout and purchase the items that are in there. 
  2. In smaller texts below the button, there’s a link there that says “No, mm-mm. I really don’t need to do this awesome thing.” So, and if you click on that one, it will then just bring them to the checkout and it will only have, in the cart, the first offer. 


That’s really as simple as it has to be!  So really all you need on your WordPress is the ability to create those custom buttons and allow them to put things in the shopping cart as well as push them to another page. 

That is how you can start building out your little funnel on your WordPress site.



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