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"...brilliant, highly responsive, amazingly creative and innovative in (their) approach to design, functionality and brand."
Grace Churchill
"You ramp up our projects to what I could have never envisioned! helped me build new strategies... you exceed the expectations..."
Lynn Hand
"...amazing web designer...smooth and easy. Thanks for creating my amazing new website! I absolutely love it!"
Leslie Quinsay

Amag inc.

Website design with extensive applications menu, competitive analysis, tagline research, SEO content, keyword research, 30th anniversary project; updates to website, social media designs, Lottie design additions to website.

Play In Peel

Searchable resource website design, branding, logo development and design, video header, keyword research, Social Media launch plan, designs for social media, content for social media, hashtag research.

Family Education Centre

Updated branding and messaging, website design, online donations, learning management system, podcast setup, members only access, 12 online course designs (and counting), weekly email template, marketing strategy for 3-5 years, content strategy for 2024.

Leslie Quinsay, Author

Designed logo, created book images that pop, developed and designed website, created email freebie, added event calendar, built MailChimp auto email campaign and more.

Leaders Outloud

Website design, sales package, client coaching binder, email newsletter, blog.

Heart House Hospice

Website design (over 45 pages), clean website structure, events calendar, event pages, ability to register and pay for events on site, large forms created, email list building CTA, video header, and more.

Crowd Velocity

Complete website design overhaul, updated branding and messaging, fixed tech issues, cleaned up back-end, added more creative flair to site, video header.

Crypto Clothesline Podcast

Complete website design overhaul, fixed tech issues, connected podcast correctly, podcast slider.

Groundswell Urban Planners

Website design, portfolio with PDF downloads, animated graphic opener (logo), and additional mini-sites.

Grace Churchill

Website design, daily blog, weekly emails.

Bobbex Canada

Website design, ecommerce site (shopping cart), created both an English and fully translated French website, email setup, list builder.

Prospecting Biz

Website design, updated branding.

TK Olympic Taekwondo

Website design with video header, registration online.

Peter Vukojevic

Website design, new branding/logo, copywriting, business cards, postcards, linked to real estate website (, and more.

Listen to what clients say

Amanda Ross

Founder of BrashBerry

Hi, I’m Amanda, the leader of Brashberry, where we believe that websites should be do WAY more than just look pretty.

Everything that has our name behind must achieve your goals.

With over 20 years in the business and well over 100 web design projects, we know what it takes to engage your audience and move them to take action on your website.

And, if you’re here, you probably want that and to stop feeling let down by your website.

We’ve been helping organizations just like yours feel ease, stress-free, and excited about your website.

We’re ready to start!

Read what our clients say

“…you make everything so easy for me to understand and you’ve opened up a world for me that I never knew I could do or had a desire to understand. When I’m done I think it’s so amazing how all of this pulls together but honestly, I would have never got it or even attempted it before. You help me broaden my horizons and I so appreciate you, your patience with me and your ability to teach so well and really help others learn and build their own capacity.”

Lynn Hand, Family Ed Centre

“I’ve known Amanda for quite some time now, and over the last year and a bit, I’ve engaged her services to help me step back,evaluate, and re-vamp my business to get it to the next level. 

Amanda brings in a fresh, pragmatic, and creative approach that really gets to the core of how I want my business to be, and builds it up from there. The result is a business package that I’m proud of, and excited about. I always look forward to our meetings because I know great and awesome things are going to be explored, decided on, and created.

Amanda has already made a massive positive impact on my business, and the future growth and success of my business can be traced back to the work we’ve done together. Amanda is a critical part of my business team. “

Alexx Coelho, Ecommerce
“Great for those that want online learning available to their followers and clients! I would recommend them to anyone establishing a LMS and seeking a snappy layout, design, and integration with the shopping cart and other tech. Super responsive and fun to work with! 5 stars!”
Jen Goldman, Consultant

“Amanda’s approach is so straightforward and fun! 

She makes complicated tasks look so simple and do-able and, more importantly, she is patient and understanding with people who are new to all these and is able to discuss with them without using complicated industry jargon.

She is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in digital marketing. She is definitely my go-to person for any tech question and project!”

Kate Bollanou, Confidence Coach

“Our website didn’t reflect who we were…working in nonprofits it’s not like you have someone who has a skill (for website impact)…it was an evolution and that presents our organization with a certain level of clarity that wasn’t there before. 

It shares the story of who we are and what we want to do and how we go about accomplishing it. It was like – WOW – that’s who we are – you captured it! You had the vision of things worked and we didn’t have that. It’s 5,000 times better than what we had.”

Jodi Pereira, Director, Heart House Hospice
“Thanks very much for this, it was great to work with you and make this happen. We’re very pleased with the final result and I’m looking forward to going through your instructions and how-to videos. Very efficient!”
Kerrigan Kelly, Groundswellplan

“Amanda has been such a valuable resource for me. Her extensive knowledge and real world application techniques have helped me talk my business to the next level. Not to mention that her energy and excitement is so infectious. 

However you get a chance to work with her I would highly recommend you take it as soon as possible. Your growth is just there waiting!”

Tanya Fox, Business Coach
“Amanda is a dynamic and creative individual. I had the pleasure of working with her to improve and add to our company infrastructure. Amanda excels at recognizing the issues and working through challenges for a successful outcome…”
Tina Gardin, Sutton Quantum
“Amanda is one of the most motivated, outgoing and creative people I have ever worked with. She brings a sense of excitement…and is always thinking of ways to make us grow.”
Farah Miltimore

Featured Clients

We work with small-medium nonprofits and businesses who do good for the world.


Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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