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Here Are The Best Ways To Brand Your NonProfit On Social Media

Nonprofit branding on social media is a critical aspect of growing your organization and building trust with your audience.

Often, nonprofits don’t consider their branding the same way a business does, this is a mistake. 

In this video I’ll cover how to use nonprofit branding on social media and ways to market your nonprofit online.

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Wanna a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this video? I get it! Not everyone wants to watch video, so below you’ll find the main points from this video:

Anytime that I’ve asked a nonprofit, who their target audience is, they often say, “Anybody that’s going to donate is my target audience.”

However, without a clear target audience, you’ll be spinning your wheels and relating to no one.

It’s critical that you zero in on a specific audience so that you can build trust with them.

If you really focus on a specific person when you are building out your brand, speaking to people and building on your messaging, you’re going to have a greater impact on people that are like that person or similar to that person.

Before anything, let’s get very clear on what branding is…

Branding is not just a log, it’s everything you touch, do, say, write, post, create, share. It’s how you lead, how you interact with your clients, how you impact your community and more.

A consistent brand helps you relate to your audience and them to relate to you.

It builds trust.

There is nothing more important than trust when you are trying to raise money.

Often nonprofits want to play it safe and not stand out too much. 

BUT this is a crucial mistake.

Standing out and having a brand that stands for something will only create a stronger bond with your support circle.

What are you saying that’s gonna make them stop and think, “Oh, this is different. I need to know about this.”?

We’re seeing that there is a little bit of a mistrust happening online. People are getting a little more wary about who they actually donate money to. 

This is why nonprofit branding on social media is so important.

You want to make sure that you’re building trust, you’re building that sort of relationship with the audience so that they feel good about actually handing over money to your nonprofit.

You want to make sure that you are very well-trusted and you use branding to actually do that.

Another great way to help with that trust factor is to be really clear, honest, and transparent about where that money is going when they donate to you.

When they give you funds, what is actually happening with the money? 

Now that we have that sorted, it’s important to uncover where your target audience is so you can share your message with them.

What social network do they frequent?

Instagram or Facebook might not be the right place for your audience.

Maybe LinkedIn is the greatest place.

Maybe you’re focused on a younger generation, so you’re really looking at Tik Tok or Snapchat.

Knowing where they are will help you spend your time smartly.

What about you? 

Have you made your branding a top priority to connect with your audience?


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