People buy drills cuz the like making holes

People Buy Drills Cause They Like Making Holes – Monday BiteBerriesRead this post in 1 mins flat!

People buy drills cause they like making holes. 🧰



You know that’s wrong just like I do!

People don’t buy drills just to put a bunch of holes in their walls – that’s lunacy! 🤪

Can you even imagine the crazy you’d have to be to do that?

So, WHY do people buy drills❓

Because they want to showcase their beautiful family (pictures 🖼️ on the wall), watch the big game 🏈 with their friends (need to put up the bug screen tv), look good for a date (put up a mirror🪞near the door).


Why am I telling you this❓

Because I want you to look at your marketing and sales and check to see what you’re selling. 🛍️

You need to be selling HOW it will impact their life or work life, not the actual THING/SERVICE you sell.

🔥 People buy with emotion, so we need to make them FEEL the value of your solution. 🔥

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