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Why you need a mockup to convert more sales on your landing page

This Is How To Convert More Sales On Your Landing Page

A mockup is what we use to make our digital products and virtual packages, like ebooks, online courses, coaching packages, and more look REAL.

It’s easier for people to understand what they’ll get and why your pricing strategy makes sense.


Let’s talk about tangible visuals! 

People remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. So do not underestimate the importance of a good visual. 

If you follow Chalene Johnson for example, then you probably know that in the nineties, she created a bestselling fitness program called Turbo Gym. I actually bought it.

So she did a few other different things on QVC, which is quality, value, convenience. And these fitness programs have made her a multimillionaire. 

If you ever watched her on these shows, you probably noticed the product assets. The visual. And it is powerful. 

And so any big training course or any sort of program they’re going to have this impactful visual asset. It’s a visual of what you’re going to receive. 

Back then you actually did physically receive DVDs and other things like that. We don’t necessarily do that so much anymore. But it’s that visual representation of what they’re going to get. It helps people absorb and see that and go, oh, wow. Like I’m going to get all these things. 

In today’s digital world, it’s a little hard to do that because we don’t generally send out a pile of DVDs to people. So much of what we send out or what we do is digital. That’s why we showcase these items using a computer, laptop, iPad, or mobile devices to give people a visual and an understanding of all the elements that are going to be included within the program. 

In order to do this, you need to create a VERY clear picture in your head of what it is that you’re actually offering. 

Maybe it’s literally you’re going to break up the actual modules. Maybe you have a number of really great bonuses that you’re including. But think about what are all the things that are going to be included in your package. 

You could be actually taking some screenshots and showing the inside of your e-book for example.  Maybe you’re selling a coaching program – what are they going to get out of it? Try to show those in a visual way. 

Now.. Create it! 

You can use tools like Canva,, or Do not ignore this crucial element when putting your landing page together. 

To see how I did mine in Canva, watch the video above! 



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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

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