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Social media for nonprofits. How to build your nonprofit brand.

Social Media Is The Future Of NonProfit Fundraising

Let’s talk about social media! Social media is a fabulous way for you to reach your audience and bring them back to either your nonprofit website or a donation page. 


You Need Strong Branding! 

There are lots of different platforms out there so it’s really important to figure out who your target market is. Once you know who your target market is, then you can decide what social network is the best one for you to focus on. 

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re doing social is that your branding needs to be strong. It’s really important that your brand stands out from the crowd because people are just scrolling through. What you’re doing needs to make them stop and take notice! 


Content Creation Tools 

I’ve seen some nonprofits where I see their visuals and I know right away that it’s a nonprofit. There’s nothing wrong with do-it-yourself, but there are great tools out there that you can use that totally hide the fact that you are doing everything yourself. 

One of the online tools I love is called RIPL. What I love about it is that you can make little mini-movies that catch the audience’s attention because they’re really different from just a normal image or a video that’s a talking head. 


Switch It Up Between Platforms

The other thing you have to understand is that you’re not gonna be able to utilize necessarily the same things for every single platform. 

Instagram is very visual. So it’s all about images, little videos, things like that. 

On Facebook we want to sort of build out more copywriting. Videos also work really, really well on Facebook. 

YouTube is an amazing place where you can have a dedicated library of video content for the audience. You don’t need to get caught up in worrying about it being a full blown professional video either. You can just pull out your phone at any time and record. That can be 30 seconds long. It can be, you know, 15 minutes long. Whatever it might be, don’t be afraid of video. 

Using chatbots within your social media is also fabulous. If you have a Facebook page for example, you can actually build out a link that sits right there. This is a great thing because someone can have a discussion with your organization because it’s available 24 hours a day for them to get information. 

We want to make sure that we are being consistent on social media. Consistency is KEY. 


Scheduling Tools 

We also don’t want to overwhelm ourselves with doing social media. There are lots of ways that you can use tools to schedule things. I love being able to schedule posts ahead of time so that I can get it all done and then just move on and not have to worry about it for a long time. 

These are just some ways that you can use social media for nonprofits!




Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about scheduling tools or any of the ideas I shared today!

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