Solve your problem with 1 question


As yourself these 5 questions…


This is a very simple way to get to the root of your problem.

Many call it The 5 Why Technique, I prefer WhyBy5.

Once you know what it is, you’ll roll your eyes at how simple it is…

And, simple works.

Here it is:

Have a problem?

Ask yourself WHY 5 times.

Let’s say the problem is that a project went over budget.

1️⃣ Ask WHY the problem is occurring.

“Why did we go over budget on our project?”

ANSWER: It took much longer than we expected to complete.

2️⃣ Ask WHY again.

“Why did it take longer than expected to complete?”

ANSWER: We had to redesign several elements of the product.

3️⃣ Ask WHY again.

“Why did we have to redesign elements of the product?”

ANSWER: Features of the product were confusing to use.

4️⃣ Ask WHY again.

“Why were the features of the product confusing to use?”

ANSWER: We made incorrect assumptions about what users wanted.

5️⃣ Ask WHY again.

“Why did we make incorrect assumptions about what users wanted?”

ANSWER: Our user experience research team didn’t ask effective questions.

You can see that the answer in the 1st WHY is very different than the answer in the last WHY.

And it gets to the ROOT of the problem.

This is fixable.

Next, you should ask HOW 5 times! 😉

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