Stop focusing on WERead this post in 1 mins flat!

🎶 Me Me Me 🎶

I meant “We We We”…

Sure you want your customers to know all the ways you can help them.

I get that.

But, instead of focusing on your business and all the benefits, all the features, all the options…

…you need to focus on your customer.

WIIFM still stands as the most important acronym in marketing.


(the ME being the customer)

Instead of saying:

“We made the world’s 1st media player.”
(focused on the business)

Try saying:

“1,000 songs in your pocket.”
(focused on the customer)

👉 No one cares what you do…they care about what it does for them.

Does the 1st line of your website focus on the BUSINESS or the CUSTOMER❓

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