Don’t redesign your website, rescue it instead.

Get expert (science-based) advice for your website that you can implement right away!
Leverage 20+ years and 27 Neurodesign Factors to build credibility and boost conversions. you know the #1 reason why people don't take action on your website?

It's because they don't TRUST you.

It takes people 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about you from your website. That’s 0.05 seconds (snap your fingers).

The truth is, your organization’s credibility is wholly dependent on your digital credibility.
One glance is all it takes for a would-be connection to believe you’re not trustworthy.

Watch what
Lynn Said...

…you make everything so easy for me to understand and you’ve opened up a world for me that I never knew I could do or had a desire to understand. When I’m done I think it’s so amazing how all of this pulls together but honestly, I would have never got it or even attempted it before. You help me broaden my horizons and I so appreciate you, your patience with me and your ability to teach so well and really help others learn and build their own capacity.

Lynn hand

Executive Director, Family Education Centre

Imagine this...

…your website perfectly calibrated to grab your audience’s attention. 

…you, knowing precisely what to do, say, and show on your website to inspire action.

…you, no longer struggling to trying to figure out the secrets to a successful website.

…you, having your audience actually engaging with your content.

…your website radiating trust, making visitors feel secure and valued.

Consider how this could change your focus and growth.

Think about your potential to do more, reach more, help more, grow more.

That’s the power your Trust Scan will bring you.

Watch what
Lois said...

“How you’ve presented it​, what you’ve presented it’s all been very understandable and digestible and you’ve taken the intimidation factor out of it a lot​. ​It was very effective I’m​ really grateful to have gone through​ this with you​. I haven’t​ felt this hopeful in so long​, I really feel like there’s there’s now peace of mind I have comfort​ that there is a​ logical strategic process mapped out in a way that I have the capacity to manage​. You’re kind of like a an entrepreneur weight loss program because I feel 10 pounds lighter!”

Lois Graveline

Harmonia Philanthropy

Unlock your Success

explode results with my 33-point Trust Scan

It will help you earn your ideal client’s time, trust, and investment. 

The Trust Scan focuses on 6 key areas:

Empower User-Friendly Interactions

Simplified Navigation: I’ll analyze your site’s layout to ensure visitors find what they need effortlessly, enhancing their browsing experience.

Optimized Engagement: By examining disruptions and clickable content, we streamline user interaction, making every click count.

Streamlined User Journey: I’ll focus on making your site’s journey intuitive, ensuring users connect with your offerings seamlessly.

Build Credibility and Authority

Enhance Trust Signals: I’ll review client testimonials and case studies to strengthen your credibility, encouraging customer confidence.

Showcase Achievements and Partnerships: Highlighting awards and partnerships, I elevate your brand’s trust factor.

Leverage Media Endorsements: Utilize press mentions and statistics to solidify your standing as a reputable and trustworthy choice.

Consistent and Relatable Branding

Uniform Brand Presentation: I’ll ensure your branding is consistent, conveying a professional and trustworthy image.

Engaging and Appropriate Imagery: Tailoring imagery to resonate with your audience, enhancing relatability and connection.

Clarity in Communication: Simplifying content to be clear and engaging, ensuring your message is understood and appreciated.

Technological Trust Enhancers

Robust Security Analysis: I’ll scrutinize security measures to safeguard user trust and data integrity.

Privacy and Accessibility Compliance: Ensuring your site respects user privacy and is accessible to all, we build a foundation of trust and inclusivity.

Optimized Speed and Functionality: I’ll enhance site performance for a swift and smooth user experience, crucial for retaining modern web users.

Impactful Engagement Strategies

Instantly Connect in 3 Seconds: My analysis ensures your site communicates its core message rapidly, capturing visitor attention immediately.

Compelling Call-to-Actions: I’ll refine your CTAs to be more engaging, driving user interaction and conversion.

Effective Contact Methods: Optimizing your contact options to be inviting and easy, encouraging user communication and connection.

Authenticity and Trustworthiness

Genuine ‘About’ Page Storytelling: I’ll evaluate your “About Us” page to enhance authenticity, fostering a genuine connection with visitors.

Accessible Contact Options: Ensuring your contact methods are welcoming and varied, I make it easy for customers to reach you.

Content Authenticity: I’ll assess content originality and overall trustworthiness, crucial for building a reliable and credible online presence.

Watch what
Jodi said...

Our website didn’t reflect who we were…working in nonprofits it’s not like you have someone who has a skill (for website impact)…it was an evolution and that presents our organization with a certain level of clarity that wasn’t there before. It shares the story of who we are and what we want to do and how we go about accomplishing it. It was like – WOW – that’s who we are – you captured it! You had the vision of things worked and we didn’t have that. It’s 5,000 times better than what we had.

Jodi Pereira

Director of Community Programs, Heart House Hospice

Who even am I?

Hey there!
I'm Amanda Ross

If you remember a time when long-distance learning meant mailing floppy discs to your college teacher and waiting weeks for a response, then you’ll totally relate to my story…cause that’s exactly how I learned how to design websites.

The year was 2001 and I was enrolled in Web Design with Athabasca University. Looking back now, it seems like another world.

My first website was based on the WWF (now the WWE) and I had Hulk Hogan’s music auto-playing and everything…weird, I know.

But, here we are, well into the 2020’s and I no longer do stuff like that. Promise! …unless you wanna have a little, then I’m in!

Today, I’m all about building websites, brands and content that instil trust, build credibility and engage my client’s audience.

Getting attention is one thing, building trust (fast) is another.

And, in order for someone to click, buy, connect, fill out a form, request a meeting, download your freebie with an email they ACTUALLY check every day and not that @hotmail one they’ve had since high school…they gotta trust you!

That’s what I think about whenever I create anything. Trust. How do I show it? How do I build it?

Before I launched my agency full-time in 2013, I worked in the corporate world where, I led massive, million dollar marketing projects for an IT Education and Consulting company on an international scale and 6 years later, I stepped into leadership roles with 2 large real estate firms in the Greater Toronto Area where I worked with over 200 small businesses, helping them to create brands that stood out, build hyper organized processes and develop trustworthy businesses.

I wrapped up all the good stuff I learned in that time…and all the new stuff I learn now (I see you ChatGPT, my new ideation buddy) and use it to help my clients make serious splashes in the pools they want to swim in.

Today, with my Trust Scan offer, that I’m SO in love with because it’s the perfect introductory offer.

It’s a fabulous way to connect with you, show you what I got and hand you RESULTS on a platter!

If you’re ready to get started and find out all the ways you can change your website with (mostly) simple fixes to engage in a whole new way – click that START BUILDING TRUST TODAY button above.

Let’s do this!

Some amazing clients

Read what
tanya said...

…Amanda doesn’t give you all the fluff others do. She got down to…tips that actually HELP right away.

Amanda has the map to better ROI and I am grateful I listened to her directions!

Tanya Corrigan Fox

Business Coach & Podcast Host

What's included in the Trust scan?

Here's what you'll get

1. Expert Website Assessment

GAINS: Ever wondered what people thought the 1st time they landed on your website? Well, I’m gonna tell ya! You’ll get a video of my 1st impressions (in my brutally honest, but classy style), some serious advice based on the 33-point Trust Scan elements and my 20+ years of learning, doing, implementing.

I think about weird things like, “this colour makes me feel like I wanna eat popcorn and I hate popcorn (not good). What would be a better colour to connect to their audience?”

Psychology has a HUGE impact on website success.

OUTCOME: You’ll get a detailed (and slightly entertaining) analysis of what your website is REALLY telling people, how trustworthy you are, and what you need to do to connect your brand to your ideal clients through trust. Easy tweaks you can make to start seeing a difference when people land on your site.

Value of $2,000.00

2. Detailed Trust Scan Report

GAINS: Alongside the analysis from me, you’ll get your fully loaded 33-point Trust Scan report, which will assess your website using the 33 elements. You will gain a Trust Factor Score along with details on why you achieved that score related to each element. It comes in a PDF format.

OUTCOME: This handy little road map expands on my video analysis and dives into the specifics with directions and how-to’s to make these tweaks to your website so you can take full advantage of all the insights I share with you.

Value of $1,500.00


GAINS: Email access to even more guidance as you work through the Trust Scan recommendations. Look, sometimes you’ll find a recommendation that you need more clarification on or you have ideas that might work better but you’re not sure – EMAIL ME! I’m here to help you for 8 full weeks!

OUTCOME: Never be alone during the 8 weeks after you receive your scan, so you can get the most out of everything I give you. I’m here at the drop of an email to help offer more insights and guidance. Often, I’ll reply with a screen-share video to show you EXACTLY what I mean because clarity is critical – never be confused! Just fire me an email and within 48-business hours, I’ll reply.

Value of $1,200.00

4. Follow Up mini

GAINS: Listen, you literally can’t fail at this cause I’m gonna be sending you a follow up Mini Scan on your 3-month anniversary with an updated PDF Scan and a shorter video! I’ll review your changes and give you an updated Trust Factor Score!

OUTCOME: I want this to be AMAZING for you, so yeah, I’m gonna come back at ya to drop more knowledge. You’ll have new insights and high-five’s for the great stuff you’ve done. I can’t wait for this part!!

Value of $1,000.00

Total value:


(but that's not what you'll pay right now!)

Who this works for

Perfect for service-focused businesses
If you're tired of having a website that doesn't get results, this is for you.

Anyone that doesn’t want to trash their website and needs it to be a more compelling space.

Anyone that wants to connect with their audience and move them to take action on their website.

Anyone that's embarrassed by their website and knows it could be WAY better than it currently is.

Anyone that is constantly researching how to improve their website with ZERO results.

Anyone that knows their credibility is being judged based on their website and wants to level up.

Anyone that hates telling people about their website because it does nothing to help you grow.

Assisted by AI: ChatGPT

To ensure you receive the most comprehensive and accurate advice, we've integrated OpenAI's advanced language model, ChatGPT, into our process. It "assists" in analyze your website content more thoroughly.

Read what
Kate said...

Amanda’s approach is so straightforward and fun! 

She makes complicated tasks look so simple and do-able and, more importantly, she is patient and understanding with people who are new to all these and is able to discuss with them without using complicated industry jargon.

She is extremely knowledgable and an expert in digital marketing. She is definitely my go-to person for any tech question and project!

Kate Ballanou

Intercultural Communication & Behaviour trainer

again, here's what you get:

1. Expert Website Assessment

GAINS: Get my assessment of your website, (brutally honest with a splash of classy), plus expert advice based on 33-point Trust Scan and 20+ years of experience in a video that you watch over and over. Insights on everything from colour schemes to brand-audience connections to security and more.

OUTCOME: Receive a detailed analysis on your website’s message, trustworthiness, and steps for enhancing brand-client connections. Simple modifications for immediate impact.

Valued at $2,000.00

2. TRust scan report

GAINS: Receive your comprehensive 33-point Trust Scan report in PDF, including your Trust Factor Score and detailed explanations for each element.

OUTCOME: This guide, complementing my video analysis, provides specific directions and methods for website improvements based on the scan insights.

Valued at $1,500.00

3. ongoing support

GAINS: Eight weeks of email support for additional guidance on Trust Scan recommendations. Reach out literally ANY TIME for clarifications or to discuss new ideas.

OUTCOME: Continuous support for 8 weeks, including prompt email responses and screen-share videos for clear, precise guidance.

Valued at $1,200.00

4. follow-up mini

GAINS: After 3 months, receive a follow-up mini Scan, an updated PDF report, and a concise video reviewing your changes and updating your Trust Factor Score.

OUTCOME: A revisit with fresh insights and commendations for your progress. I’m excited to see and share in the excitement of your advancements!

Valued at $1,000.00

Choose the right option for you:


Grab that vine and swing over those pitfalls (ATARI)…basically, I help you do the same thing with my 20+ years of know-how alongside the 33-point Trust Scan.

Get fresh, clear, actionable, unbiased (that’s a lie, I’m super biased for amazing websites that attract engagement) advice.

Increase your results with my easy to change tweaks in the Scan.

Convert more, convert better!

Let’s gooo!


$ 498
50% off ends Dec 8
  • Expert Advice for your website
  • 33-Point Trust Scan
  • 8-wks of email guidance
  • 3-mth follow up mini scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • Actionable tips for your brand
Most popular

3 payments

$ 195
50 x3
50% off ends Dec 8
  • Expert advice (20+ yrs)
  • 33-Point Trust Scan
  • 8-wks of email guidance
  • 3-mth follow up mini scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • Actionable tips for your brand

14-day 100% refund guarantee

I'm so confident in the value of your Trust Scan, I'm offering a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.
Love your results, or get your money back. No questions asked.
If you sign up for your Trust Scan today, then, for ANY REASON, you can just let me know that you want a refund within 14 days from purchase and I’ll send you a FULL refund within 5-10 days (Stripe's rules, not mine).

No. questions. asked.



I think online course are FABULOUS!

But, sometimes they’re too generic for making any real impact. 

When it comes to your website, I think it’s critical to get advice for YOUR WEBSITE – not advice that you try to figure out how to make it work for your website…that can be confusing, you know?

This is a MASSIVE step up…in fact, it’s basically a consulting project because I’m ONLY giving you advice that relates to YOUR website and brand!

Easy!! All you have to is follow the recommendations I give to you.

I’ll do my very best to guide you if you get stuck.

I’m literally breaking this down with clear details, very specific for YOUR website. And, remember I’ll be sending you a clear video with everything you need to understand all the advice I give you on your report AND for 8 weeks I’m available to add more value via email! I’ll be including additional videos too for certain things, especially if you get stuck! 

Each report takes only approximately 72-business hours!

Business hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

Yes – not only will you receive a 20-mins video where you can hear my immediate thoughts, reactions and advice, but I’ll also be in touch with you for 8-weeks, via email, to offer additional guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Being “stuck” is not possible when you’re working with me! 😉 

Sure, you can do that. But, you’ll only get bits and pieces and it will be broad, general information that works for a wide range of websites and business. 

The Trust Scan is NOT general, it is specific for your brand and website. 

And all recommendations, actions, ideas and more for YOUR website…not every website.


If you’re not happy with the Trust Scan and it has been less than 14-days since you signed up – just email me “REFUND PLEASE!” and I’ll send your money back – ALLLLL of it, no questions asked!

That’s my 100% 14-day refund guarantee.


Yes! Hiiii! This is literally my day job. I have an entire agency to help you with that. So, if you have $15,000-30,000 kicking around for a full web design, I’m ready to start!

Email me with your project details!

No, no content or copy will be written.

There will be many recommendations regarding your copy that will be so HYPER specific you’ll be able to adjust them easily.

If you can access your website or your web person can, then – yes.

Of course, if you need extra help and want my agency to step, in, we can do that! 

This is PERFECT for Small-medium businesses and nonprofits.

This is NOT suitable for physical product ecommerce websites.

Choose the right option for you:


Grab that vine and swing over those pitfalls (ATARI)…basically, I help you do the same thing with my 20+ years of know-how alongside the 33-point Trust Scan. 

Get fresh, clear, actionable, unbiased (that’s a lie, I’m super biased for amazing websites that attract engagement) advice.

Increase your results with my easy to change tweaks in the Scan.

Convert more, convert better!

Let’s gooo!


$ 498
50% off ends Dec 8
  • Expert Advice for your website
  • 33-Point Trust Scan
  • 8-wks of email guidance
  • 3-mth follow up mini scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • Actionable tips for your brand
Most popular

3 payments

$ 195
50 x3
50% off ends Dec 8
  • Expert advice (20+ yrs)
  • 33-Point Trust Scan
  • 8-wks of email guidance
  • 3-mth follow up mini scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • Actionable tips for your brand


Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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