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No more guessing what your website should say

No more figuring out what your web design should look like

No more confusion on how to move your audience to take action

Get expert advice for YOUR website

How often are you completely embarrassed to send people to your website?

How often do you wish that your website did more for your organization?

How often do you feel like you have no idea what to do with your website to get more traction? you know the #1 reason why people don't take action on your website?

It's because they don't TRUST you.

People will never stop judging a book by its cover — or you by your website. 

It takes people 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about you from your website. That’s 0.05 seconds (snap your fingers).

The truth is, your organization’s credibility is wholly dependent on your digital credibility.
One glance is all it takes for a would-be connection to believe you’re not trustworthy.

…you make everything so easy for me to understand and you’ve opened up a world for me that I never knew I could do or had a desire to understand. When I’m done I think it’s so amazing how all of this pulls together but honestly, I would have never got it or even attempted it before. You help me broaden my horizons and I so appreciate you, your patience with me and your ability to teach so well and really help others learn and build their own capacity.

Lynn hand

Executive Director, Family Education Centre


What if your website had the right setup to engage them? 

What if you knew EXACTLY what to do, say, show on your website to move them to action?

What if you didn’t need to work so hard trying to figure out how to make your website useful?

What if your audience started engaging on your website?

What if your website made them feel trust?

How would that change your focus, growth?
Your ability to do more, reach more, help more?

Our website didn’t reflect who we were…working in nonprofits it’s not like you have someone who has a skill (for website impact)…it was an evolution and that presents our organization with a certain level of clarity that wasn’t there before. It shares the story of who we are and what we want to do and how we go about accomplishing it. It was like – WOW – that’s who we are – you captured it! You had the vision of things worked and we didn’t have that. It’s 5,000 times better than what we had.

Jodi Pereira

Director of Community Programs, Heart House Hospice

33 Trust Factors = Success

Increase engagement!

Without even knowing it, your audience uses trust signals to decide whether or not they should give you their time, money or name. The Trust Amplified Scan examines YOUR website based on 33 key elements that contribute to a high trust perception. These elements are distributed across 6 essential categories:


7 FACTORS: Within seconds, your audience makes a decision to trust you or not based on visuals on your website.


4 FACTORS: Neglecting these critical elements on your website can raise red flags for your audience.


6 FACTORS: This category isn't about social media, but rather leveraging your network to boost trust.

Inner Workings

5 FACTORS: Often underestimated, these components can greatly influence your audience's perception.


4 FACTORS: Connecting with and understanding your audience can transform the experience for both parties.


7 FACTORS: Presenting the right information about your organization in the right manner can elevate your trustworthiness.

…Amanda doesn’t give you all the fluff others do. She got down to…tips that actually HELP right away.

Amanda has the map to better ROI and I am grateful I listened to her directions!

Tanya Corrigan Fox

Business Coach & Podcast Host

Who am I?

Hey there!
I'm Amanda Ross

2001 was the year I fell in love with web design (yep, over 20 years ago) and I haven’t looked back. In 2013 I started my agency where I focus on creating strategy-driven websites for small-medium businesses and nonprofits.

Before 2013, I led an International marketing team for 6 years, then I led 2 large real estate companies with over 200 agents helping them develop powerful branding and building growth strategies. 

I love what I do and I can’t wait to help you increase your impact!

Here's what you'll get...

It's time to make an impact!

1. Trust Amplified Scan

You want to make an impact, right? But your website isn’t doing anything to help you. OK, let’s fix that. Stop guessing, stop Googling, stop struggling to figure it out.

Instead, get your report that gives you specific, clear, direct, expert, honest, reliable advice and guidance on what to do EXACTLY to make a bigger impact on your audience through your website.

$3,997.00 Value

1. Trust Amplified Scan

You want to make an impact, right? But your website isn’t doing anything to help you. OK, let’s fix that. Stop guessing, stop Googling, stop struggling to figure it out. 

Instead, receive a detailed report with specific, candid, and dependable advice on how to optimize your website to create a lasting impression on your audience.

$3,997.00 Value

33 Trust Factors analyzed
10+ Page Report on Findings​
Specific advice for changes​
NoT generic guidance
For your website only

2. 8-weeks of help

Upon signing up, brace yourself for weekly emails from yours truly, providing you with the chance to ask questions and seek further guidance. 

And just so we’re clear, these emails come straight from my personal inbox – no CRM tools, no intermediaries, no bots – just me.

$697.00 Value

3. 20 Mins Video

Six to eight days post-report, expect a 20-minute video featuring me delving deeper into the insights and expertise outlined in your report. 

That way, there’s no room for confusion, and you’ll hear my thoughts straight from the horse’s mouth (check the video for a preview).

$997.00 Value

Total value:


Who this works for

This best for Nonprofits

Any Nonprofit that doesn’t want to trash their website and needs it to be a more compelling space.

Any Nonprofit that wants to connect with their audience and move them to take action on their website.

Any Nonprofit that's embarrassed by their website and knows it could be WAY better than it currently is.

Any Nonprofit that is constantly researching how to improve their website with ZERO results.

Any Nonprofit that knows their credibility is being judged based on their website and wants to level up.

Any Nonprofit that hates telling people about their website because it does nothing to help you grow.

Amanda’s approach is so straightforward and fun! 

She makes complicated tasks look so simple and do-able and, more importantly, she is patient and understanding with people who are new to all these and is able to discuss with them without using complicated industry jargon.

She is extremely knowledgable and an expert in digital marketing. She is definitely my go-to person for any tech question and project!

Kate Ballanou

Intercultural Communication & Behaviour trainer

Everything you get when you
sign up for your scan:

Trust Amplified Scan

A comprehensive 10+ page report specifically tailored for YOUR website, complete with ideas, tools, links, recommendations, short videos, and more. I'll personally analyze all 33 Trust Factors for you!

  • 10+ page Trust Amplified Scan report
  • All 33 of the major Trust Factors assessed
  • Get Ideas, recommendations, tools that could help you, more!
  • 4 pages on YOUR WEBSITE included in the scan!

Weekly Emails (8 weeks)

For 8 consecutive weeks, I'll send you an email to provide value, answer queries, and guide you on maximizing the impact of your Scan.

  • 8 weeks of emails from me
  • 1:1 communication via email
  • Ask anything regarding your website and brand!

20-mins Video

Within a week, your report will be ready, accompanied by a custom video featuring my insights and suggestions. Watch it as many times as needed or share it with your team members.

  • 20-mins video for YOUR WEBSITE
  • Hear my thoughts, ideas and how-to's!
  • Share with your team or partners
  • Actionable, clear advice on what to do for YOUR WEBSITE!

BONUS: Brand Building Playbook

The "Brand Building Playbook" by Amanda Ross is an all-inclusive guide designed to help businesses develop a captivating and lasting brand identity by uncovering their unique brand voice.

  • Importance of brand voice: Shapes customer perception, builds trust and loyalty.
  • Seven key areas: We cover topics such as understanding your brand, brand personality and voice, and reflecting on your brand's legacy.
  • For any stage: Suitable for both established organizations looking to revitalize their brand and small organizations aiming to create a strong foundation.

BONUS: Content That Works

"Content That Works: A Guide to Using Content to Boost Your Nonprofit Website Traffic" is an eBook designed to help nonprofits develop an effective content strategy that maximizes impact while operating on limited budgets and resources.

  • Key aspects: Understand your target audience, craft compelling stories, optimize content for search engines, and utilize analytics for data-driven improvements.
  • Benefits: Increased visibility, credibility, and financial support through a multi-channel approach that reaches a larger audience.
  • Suitable for nonprofits: The guide offers cost-effective content creation and distribution methods that help level the playing field for smaller organizations.

BONUS: Writing For The Web

You will learn how to create engaging content that drives donations and raises awareness, specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by nonprofits in the digital landscape.

  • Importance of web presence: Boost credibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Unique challenges: Craft content that generates empathy and inspires action.
  • eBook guidance: Learn to understand your target audience, create compelling webpages, and optimize your website.

…it was great to work with you and make this happen.

We’re very pleased with the final result and I’m looking forward to going through your instructions and how-to videos. Very efficient!

Kerigan Kelly

Partner, Groundswell Plan

Choose the right option for you:


$ 697 (regular $999)
  • 20-mins video from me to you
  • 8 weeks of 1:1 email communication
  • 10+ page Trust Amplified Scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • 33 Trust Factors assessed
  • Actionable advice for your website
  • Book: Writing for the Web
  • Book: Brand Building Playbook
  • Book: Content That Works
Save $302

3 payments

$ 267 (regular $369)
  • 20-mins video from me to you
  • 8 weeks of 1:1 email communication
  • 10+ page Trust Amplified Scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • 33 Trust Factors assessed
  • Actionable advice for your website
  • Book: Writing for the Web
  • Book: Brand Building Playbook
  • Book: Content That Works

40-day 100% refund guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll LOVE your scan results that I'm offering a 40-day 100% money back guarantee!
If you sign up for your Trust Amplified Scan today, then, for ANY REASON, you can just let me know that you want a refund and I’ll send you your money back within 40 days of signing up.

No. questions. asked.



Look, I think online course are FABULOUS!

But, sometimes they’re too generic for making any real impact. And, they can be long and overwhelming. 

When it comes to your website, I think it’s critical to get advice for YOUR WEBSITE – not advice that you try to figure out how to make it work for your website…confusing, you know?

This is a MASSIVE step up…in fact, it’s basically a consulting project because I’m ONLY giving you advice that relates to YOUR website and brand!

Easy!! All you have to is follow the recommendations I give to you and I’ll do my very best to guide you if you get stuck. I’m literally breaking this down with clear details, very specific for YOUR website. And, remember I’ll be sending you a clear video with everything you need to understand all the advice I give you on your report AND for 8 weeks I’m available to add more value via email! I’ll be including additional videos too for certain things, especially if you get stuck! 

Each report takes only approximately 10 days!

Yes – not only will you receive a 20-mins video about your report, but I’ll also be in touch with you for 8-weeks, via email, to offer additional guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Being “stuck” is not possible when you’re working with me! 😉 

Sure, you can do that. But, you’ll only get bits and pieces and it will be broad…general information that works for a wide range of websites. 

The Trust Amplified Scan is NOT general, it is specific for your brand and website. 

And all recommendations, actions, ideas and more for YOUR website…not every website.


If you’re not happy with the Trust Amplified Scan, and it has been less than 40-days since you signed up – just email me “REFUND PLEASE!” and I’ll send your money back – ALLLLL of it, no questions asked!

That’s my 100% 40-day refund guarantee.


Yes! Hiiii! This is literally my day job. I have an entire agency to help you with that. So, if you have $15,000-30,000 kicking around for a full web design, I’m ready to start!

Email me with your project details!

Yes and no.

Yes, there will be recommended copy for your headlines, tagline and CTA (Call to Action), especially on your home page.

But, no there will be no new paragraphs or blogs written…

…however, if something is noticed that REALLY doesn’t work, that will be shared with you with ideas on how to improve.

If you can access your website or your web person can, then yes. However, some will be longer term and may require a commitment from you to do a few consistent things to fix the change…or you can decide that, for now, that change can wait until a later date when you have more capacity.

Included will be an option to have us make all changes for you as well if you would prefer that route.

Service-focused business/organizations.

NOT ecommerce.


$ 697 (regular $999)
  • 20-mins video from me to you
  • 8 weeks of 1:1 email communication
  • 10+ page Trust Amplified Scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • 33 Trust Factors assessed
  • Actionable advice for your website
  • Book: Writing for the Web
  • Book: Brand Building Playbook
  • Book: Content That Works
Save $302

3 payments

$ 267 (regular $369)
  • 20-mins video from me to you
  • 8 weeks of 1:1 email communication
  • 10+ page Trust Amplified Scan
  • 4 pages on your site included
  • 33 Trust Factors assessed
  • Actionable advice for your website
  • Book: Writing for the Web
  • Book: Brand Building Playbook
  • Book: Content That Works