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Top Fundraising Ideas For NonProfits You Need To Know About

I help nonprofits navigate the digital space to make a greater impact online so they can build awareness and increase funding.

This blog post outlines some creative ways to fundraise and raise money so you can focus on helping your cause!


#1 Chatbot

One of the coolest ways that people are getting funds online right now is by using a chat bot. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, but chatbots are a great way to engage your audience 24/7. The goal is to end up leading them down a path to donate so that we can raise those funds! 

I’ve done something similar like this with one of my clients. We built out a process so that when people come to their website, the bot pops up and offers them a couple of options. That person can then click on one of those options and it will ask them a few more questions to make sure that they are directed to the right page. You can direct them right to your donate page or an online training that you’re selling, or even something that’s already ready to go with a shopping cart attached to it. 


#2 Online courses 

Online courses are such a great way for non-profits to share more about their cause. and online courses are a great way to do this!

You can do this in a few different ways – You can host them on your own website, build them through a chat bot, or you can even do them on different websites so that it’s not you that actually has to have that LMS. Overall online courses are an amazing way to help people learn more about your cause or provide resources. 


#3 Facebook 

Facebook is another way that you can actually bring in donations online. Facebook allows nonprofits to have a donate button right on their Facebook page! Facebook does take a little cut of that, but it is a great way to be able to reach a different audience. It’s really important that even with Facebook, you’re trying to bring people back to your own website that you own and control.


#4 Donate Button

Having a donate button on your website is another great way to bring in donations. We want to make sure that it’s right up front and center on every page. So make sure that “Donate now” button is always available for people so that they can contribute to your cause and help you grow to be able to do more for the people that you serve. 


#5 Membership 

What we also see a lot of right now is this membership space that people are building on their own websites, which is a really cool way to have a super niche audience of people that are really focused on what you do. They log in to become a member and within there you can even have online courses available for purchase. What’s really cool about that is that you build this community space for people that they can go and discuss, help each other, and share really cool things that they’ve learned about whatever it is that you’re doing. This is another way that you can absolutely start bringing in more funds for your nonprofit. 


Header #6: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is another really great way that you can bring in money for your nonprofit. What I love about crowdfunding is the creative aspect of it where you have to build out cool options for people to choose from! In crowdfunding you put out a message of what you do and what you’ll get by supporting. Then the crowd comes together and supports that cause. You have a goal that you want to achieve and so everybody comes together and starts buying your little options that you have, or donating a certain amount of money to help you achieve your set goal. It is a great way to get people really excited.


#7 Webinars

Webinars are a super great way to reach people in a different way and have them really focused on your message. Webinars help you tell and explain your message, whether it’s that you’re gonna do a training or you’re gonna talk about stories to help other people through whatever it is that they’re going through. 


Those are some of my top fundraising ideas for nonprofits! 



Please comment on what you thought of these strategies! If you have any ideas to take any of these ideas to the next level I’d love to hear that. 

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