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Make a bigger impact by using more you's in your website copywriting

Why You Need To Stop Using WE On Your Website Right Now!

WE versus YOU. One of these two words is going to win you more business when you share what you do.

Here is a super simple strategy that you can use in everything you do! 


Everything you create, everything you write, basically everything you put out there for your audience. That is why website copywriting is so important. 

The power of YOU!

And I don’t mean the power of you, the business owner, I mean the power of the word “you”, which is your audience.

No one cares about the “we” of your business. They care about themselves. They want to know about “how are you going to help ME?”. Anytime you do anything, you need to talk about them.

It’s you not “we”, alright??

Test Time

Go to your website and count how many “wes” you have and how many “yous” you have…

Include things like we, us, team, our or anything that is about you as the business.

Then count how many times you’ve used the word you, yours, them, they.

So the external, not the internal. If you’ve used one more than number two then you need to CHANGE THINGS UP.

Change things up!

When I go to a website I want to understand what they can provide and what their features and benefits of working with them might be.

But it’s more important that I understand how it relates to ME!

And that’s exactly what your target audience thinks when they come to your websites, your webinars, your postings, everything. They want to hear about their needs, their wants, their problems, and their futures.

We want to bring in the “you’s”, about the audience as much as possible. Focus on “you” in your website copywriting as much as you can because it will absolutely change the reaction people have when they come to your site.

It’s time to start flipping that script if you found that you were way heavier on the “we” side!


Share with me in the comments below your thoughts about we versus you!
Let me know what your ratio is – How many “we’s”, so the internal, the business side, compared to “you’s” talking about your clients.

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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

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