Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week (backed by science)!


You know you want something…

Something jaw dropping… 

Something incredibly…

Something that’ll make them sit up and take notice!

…you just can’t settle on what that is!

With so many options out there you’re madly worried that you’ll miss something impactful.

You need to get another brain in the game!

One that has been exposed to loads of cool and interesting projects.

One that understands how things integrate and work together.

One that can see things outside of the box and build on ideas…

You’ve just tumbled into the world of the most electrifying brain in the universe! 

…bit of a stretch? Maybe, but let’s carry on!

You are looking to develop something that engages your audience and helps you grow and you have some thoughts on what that might be…but you also have thoughts that you don’t know all the things and could definitely miss out on an incredible opportunity.

And, now, we step into the mix!

Heeeeey! I’m Amanda Ross!

The owner and head of Brash with a twist of Berry at BrashBerry

You have no idea how many world problems I’ve solved with a pizza and a glass of wine. 

Solving things is like breathing for me.

One of my most favourite things to do is help people uncover feasible and exciting solutions to their goals and problems.

…I’ve also solved lots of other problems for people, like:

Lynn, who wanted to duplicate an online training portal that I’d developed but after we went through the ideation process, we landed on creating an App instead (and what an App it’s going to be)!
Grace, who just wanted to create an online course, but once we started breaking it down, we ended up planning a funnel to help facilitate the sales process.
Pam, who really wanted to shift her business into the online space, but then we looked at everything she totally loved and instead we focused on her sales process.
No matter how big or small your business is, it’s always beneficial to have another brain on the job!
If you’re ready to have a Breakthrough Call, then so am I!



Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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