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Who is Your Target Audience? MOGG Series

Everything You Need To Know About Finding Your Target Audience

Who’s your target audience?

It’s really important to know who your target audience is. It allows you to make sure that your branding is really speaking to them. Your logo, your lingo, your visuals, and your social media all tie into it.


Who buys it? This is one of the most important parts, right? It’s sometimes the hardest which is actually uncovering who the audience actually is. This is really important and again, it’s something that we all go through.

You’ve probably answered tons of questions about this before. I’ve been there, but I’m really tactical. I like systems, frameworks, blueprints. That’s just who I am.

Let’s go through this in a little bit of a different way.

Sometimes you think it’s a certain type of person and you start going after that person as the ideal client, but then you realize that type of person is the worst and you don’t like working with them. As you start working with people, you’ll find people that work really, really well with you and people who don’t work so well for you.

Another way to do this is to look at either previous clients or previous bosses. If you ever worked in corporate, who did you work well with? Who did you always feel really good about helping on a different team? Why was that? What was it about working with them that felt really good for you? Did they respect your time? Did they respect your opinions, your expertise? Did they pay you on time? Did they pay you well, right? All of these things are important.

So start thinking about it like that and you’ll start to find some themes that are gonna start to come out for you.

We want to understand what motivates them. This ties hand in hand with number one which we already talked about. What brands are they already loyal to? That might tell you something about how well you might connect with them.

What’s their favorite TV show? Because that says a lot about the type of messaging and style of voice in your brand that they might like. So if they tend to watch more serious shows, then probably using a lot of humor might not be the best thing.

What is happening for them that they would be searching for your solution? What’s happening in their world that they might need your thing?

Again, this really ties back to number one. So those are some additional questions you can think about when you’re trying to figure out who your target audience is.



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