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The Why by Five Method for Problem Solving

One Of The Best Methods For Problem Solving: Why By Five

We’re going to use the Why by Five Method to figure out what you really sell. This is a tool that you can use to try to solve a problem.


The Why by Five Method is a fairly simple tool and basically it is asking “WHY” five times to get to the root of the problem. It helps us get deeper and deeper as we hunt out that solution.

You can do this with your team or you can do this alone, but definitely be in a space where you can write things down or type those ideas out as they come.

It’s pretty simple. We ask “why do people buy from you?” And so you say well, they buy from me because I’m awesome. Okay, that’s great. But, why? What made them come to you and realize that you are awesome? So we want to just keep taking it that step further. Why, why, why?

Until we finally get to that final place where there is a “why” at the end of this process that is going to help you really understand what it’s going to do for your client. That way, when you speak to them you can use that to really directly talk to that thing.

That is the Why by Five Method. So take this action item and get started so that you can figure out what it is you actually sell!

And keep this in perspective. We’re always thinking about the client’s perspective. What’s in it for them?

As you go through this you may end up with multiple answers. Dive into all of them. Dive into all of those answers and keep going why, why, why.

And you might end up with a couple of answers there that are really relevant to your audience and can really help you build out your messaging in a really powerful way so that you are speaking to your target audience directly.



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