Don't redesign your WordPress website, rescue it instead

Go from being totally embarrassed by your website to completely loving it in 14 days!




We'll Rescue your WordPress website so you can make a bigger impact.

Sure, your website works…it’s there.

But the “ugh-factor” is real.

It’s outdated, feels messy, isn’t on brand visually, there are too many plugins that fight with one another causing errors, pages that you never launched, security issues, and more.

Your competitor’s websites look way better and you never – ever – tell people to “Visit my website today!”

And – man! – you really just want to have a space that feels right. One that relates to your audience and gets them clicking and engaging with you!

Why is it so painful?

You want to make an impact and you know it’s time to do something, but, right now, a complete website overhaul feels overwhelming…

…not to mention expensive (average $25,000).

You want to level up NOW and then take the time to prepare for an amazing, full redesign next year or more.

You want your website to “help” you grow not “hinder” your growth.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to rescue your website and fall in love with it again.

Year over year growth 62% increase


“You ramp up our projects to what I could have never envisioned! …you helped me build new strategies…you exceed the expectations…”

~Lynn Hand, Executive Director, FEC

Replace the "UGH!" with "WOW!"

0 %
94% of website 1st impressions are design-related.
Seriously. That's faster than a blink!
0 %
61% will not return to a website that’s hard to navigate.
Ease of use is critical!
0 %
83% of web users want responsive websites.
Mobile design is no longer an option.

Having a website that looks good is crucial, so we start there. 

Then we look at multiple other factors, like getting your audience to the content they want without friction, and making sure you look good on the go (mobile design).

And, in just 14 days, you’ll be feeling fresh, new, shiny and ready to share your website with everyone you meet!

With a Website Rescue we use what you’ve got to level up, clean up and wrap up.

We use data and experience to make a ton of small adjustments that make a big impact. You’ll fall in love with your website again and it will all be done in 14 days.

Factors we rescue to massively improve your website:

Plus 10 other impact-driven factors that will make your website shine!

I don't even know what to say... I'm crying right now!


“…brilliant, highly responsive, amazingly creative and innovative in (their) approach to design, functionality and brand.” 

~Grace Churchill, Founder, LeadersOutloud

Here's how it works...

Our goal is to rescue your site without an intense custom web design, which can be expensive (our custom website design packages start at $10,000), instead, with a Website Rescue, we use what you already have on your current WordPress Website to create a space that your audience will respond to and help you make a bigger impact. 

Right now, a Website Rescue will cost you $4,990 (CAD) if paid in full (we have other payment plan options) and the process is as follows:

  1. FREE 20-mins Consultation (reserve below), if we move forward, then:
  2. Discovery session (60 mins)
  3. Website and content audit
  4. Rescue plan developed
  5. Changes, tweaks, improvements implemented!
  6. A full report of all updates (before and after where applicable)
We’ve been doing this a long time and your satisfaction is critical to our business, so if you aren’t happy after 30-days, we’ll refund you – 100%. We’ll just ask a few questions on how we can improve and do better for others like you, and you’ll be on your way!
If you're dying to get started...that's proof that we know what we're doing. 😉

Love the look and feel. Love it!


“…amazing web designer…smooth and easy. Thanks for creating my amazing new website! I absolutely love it!” 

~Leslie Quinsay, Author

Ready to have a website that helps you make an impact?

Spots are limited. This service is high-intensity and we can only give top service to a few clients at one time. This service isn’t right for everyone, and you’ll get the most of working with us if:

  1. You have clear direction of where you want to go in the next 3-5 years.
  2. You prefer open and honest communication.
  3. You want an expert to do what they do best, so you can do what you do best (you don’t micro-manage).

If you want someone who will make all the right design decisions for your website and brand, relieve you of the stress of figuring out how to get your website to engage your audience then this is perfect for you.

"Creating a website that people love is an art...not everyone can do. That's what we're here for! I'm looking forward to helping you level up."
~Amanda Ross, owner of BrashBerry


We make critical changes and updates to your website – this is not just “advice” for you to figure out, but rather, we login to your website and DO THE WORK.

Simply, we remove friction from the buying/engagement process. 

That means we put ourselves in the shoes of the audience and purposely look for all the reasons why we would NOT buy, click, connect with you. Then, we remedy those issues by eliminating confusion, objections, annoyances, and barriers. Getting even one of these things fixed could be a game-changer…imagine what multiple fixes will do!

We take what you ALREADY have and make it PHENOMENAL! 

No, that would be a custom design project.

A Website Rescue uses what you already have and levels it up, cleans it up and makes it more engaging instead of throwing it away.

All of your pages will be elevated from our changes because many are “site-wide” benefits, however, we deeply focus on your 5 most critical pages.

Look, you likely spent a lot of time working on your website, maybe you even hired someone a couple of years ago to help you but since then, things have changed, they’ve gotten messy, a change here and there and now it’s not at all what you want anymore.

Thinking about a full custom build is just overwhelming, but a 14-day level-up commitment feels just right!

If you have a service-based business or are a Nonprofit with a WordPress website, then you’re a fit!

We’ll explore this in our free 20-mins Consultation call (book yours below).

No worries. Our goal to ensure the happiness of every client. So, after 30 days, if you aren’t happy at all, we will ask you a few questions to uncover ways we can improve, then bam! We’ll reimburse any payments you’ve made to us in full – 100%.

Of course…while we’ll only focus on the front-end of 5 pages, all of your other pages will benefit from the changes we make as many are site-wide. 

We’ll choose the 5 pages together in the free consultation call (reserve yours below).

We have 3 payment options, they are: 

-> 1 time payment of $4,990 (paid in full)
-> 3 monthly instalments of $1,750
-> 12 monthly instalments of $450

No hidden fees, what you see is what you pay.

All fees are currently in CANADIAN dollars.

NOTE: instalments will be setup automatically using Quickbooks and Stripe.

No. Website Rescue is NOT a redesign or new design and does not include any new pages.

However, new pages can be created at a starting rate of $500.00 and would start after payment is received from you.


We ONLY work on the WordPress platform at this time.

NOTE: this does NOT include hosted websites.

It must be a WordPress.ORG based-website.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? websites have constraints on them and are not hosted on your own hosting choice. websites are hosted on your hosting choice, like Siteground, Bluehost, Godaddy, etc.

We can help you create a new website too.

Set up a call RIGHT HERE! 

Yes we do. You can pay in full, over 3 months, or monthly for 12 months. All fees are currently in CANADIAN dollars. -> 1 time payment of $4,990 (paid in full) -> 3 monthly instalments of $1,750 -> 12 monthly instalments of $450 No hidden fees, what you see is what you pay. NOTE: instalments will be setup automatically via Quickbooks, processed with Stripe.


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