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Instead of strapping in for a full design overhaul, try a Website Rescue. It’s perfect if you’re:

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“…you make everything so easy for me to understand and you’ve opened up a world for me that I never knew I could do or had a desire to understand. When I’m done I think it’s so amazing how all of this pulls together but honestly, I would have never got it or even attempted it before. You help me broaden my horizons and I so appreciate you, your patience with me and your ability to teach so well and really help others learn and build their own capacity.”

Lynn Hand

online education

From "Ugh!" to "Wow!" in 7 Days

Transform Your Website with Science-Backed Hacks

69% of design-driven websites beat business goals.
Outdated designs are a block for growth.
94% of website 1st impressions are design-related.
A poorly designed site effects your credibility.
61% will not return to a website that’s hard to navigate.
Friction is bad for engaging your audience.

First impressions matter. Is yours saying “ugh!” instead of “wow!”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But it’s time to change that. We eliminate confusion, build instant trust, and help you craft a website that compels visitors to take action.

Lower bounce rates

A Website Rescue can identify any user experience issues your site has and improve website engagement.

Boost lead generation

Targeted recommendations optimize conversion rates, turning visitors into paying customers.

Save time & resources

Expert analysis saves you hours of research and trial-and-error, focusing your efforts on implementation.

Stop settling for an "ugh!" website. Unleash the "wow!" with our science-backed Website Rescue.

Get your Website Rescue now and discover how Neurodesign can boost your conversions instantly.

“Thanks very much for this, it was great to work with you and make this happen. We’re very pleased with the final result and I’m looking forward to going through your instructions and how-to videos. Very efficient!”

Kerigan Kelly

Urban Planners

Here's how it works...

Unleash Your Website's Hidden Potential. Start Your 7-Day Transformation Today!

Stop wishing your website was better. Take action and transform it into a powerful tool that connects with your audience and drives results. Our Website Rescue isn’t a costly overhaul, it’s a strategic refresh that leverages your existing content and neurodesign principles to:

Our Website rescue process:

What you walk away with:

Your Website Rescue Report

10+ page Website Rescue report based on 27 Neurodesign factors

Private 60-Mins AMA Session

60-mins with Amanda Ross (our owner); AMA & report review

24-7 "How-to" Video Library

”How-to” Video Library (24-7) to easily make changes yourself

Invest in your website's success:

Right now ONLY $997 (CAD), you get a 7-day transformation.

No hassle 100% refund!

We’ve been doing this a long time and your satisfaction is critical to our business, so if you aren’t happy after 14-days from receiving your report, we’ll refund you – 100%. No questions asked (ok, we might ask how we can improve, but it won’t change whether or not you get your payment back).

If you're dying to get started...that's proof that we know what we're doing. 😉
“…brilliant, highly responsive, amazingly creative and innovative in (their) approach to design, functionality and brand. On top of that, I love (Amanda) completely as a funny, authentic, high integrity and courageous soul…You will be in good hands.”

Grace Churchill

certified leadership coach

Why BrashBerry is the perfect choice to help you with your website

20+ Years of Expertise

With over 20 years of agency experience, we've helped well over 100 websites find their "wow" factor.

Transparency & Support

We walk you through every step. You'll receive a detailed report with actionable recommendations, 24/7 access to "how-to" videos, and a personal 60-minute consultation with our owner, Amanda Ross, to answer all your questions.

Data-Driven Approach

We don't just guess. Our Website Rescue leverages neurodesign principles and proven conversion strategies.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We're confident in our process. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of receiving your report. Your satisfaction is our top priority. no questions asked, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of your investment.


We give clear, and exact advice on how to improve your website to make a bigger impact on your bottom line and move your audience to take action.

We focus on your website overall and then deeply on 5 pages; Home, Services, About, and 2 other pages (of your choice).

Plus, we look at your website as a whole; speed, consistency, brand voice, etc!

Simply, we remove friction from the buying/engagement process. 

That means we put ourselves in the shoes of the audience and purposely look for all the reasons why we would NOT buy, click, connect with you. Then, we give you remedies for those issues by eliminating confusion, objections, annoyances, and barriers. Getting even one of these things fixed could be a game-changer…imagine what multiple fixes will do!

We take what you ALREADY have and make it PHENOMENAL! 

We will meet on a private Zoom video call for our 60-mins report review and AMA session.

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything.

During the 60-min video meeting with Amanda, you’ll be able to ask her any questions you have related to:

  • Your website
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Future products/services
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing

Sure, Amanda has owned BrashBerry since 2013 and has been designing websites since 2001.

She believes that web designs that forget people, get forgotten and that using science and proven tactics is the best way to create a website that engages audiences and drives them to take action.

A couple other things about her:

–> She loves making “hard” stuff easy.
–> She loves her dog; Buffy The Boston.
–> She has a YouTube Fitness channel.
–> She’s the live-in Caregiver for her mom (Dementia).
–> She justs wanna help others make a bigger impact and feel secure and safe and like the future is gonna be amazing and they have all their ducks in a row, ready to be drenched in awesomeness.

She’s also been a featured guest on multiple podcasts:

–> #3Uniques
–> The Hot Minute Podcast
–> The Entrepreneur Way
–> Fox Talks
–> Ginni Show
–> Wings Of Inspired Business
–> Petite 2 Queen

No, a Website Rescue uses what you already have and levels it up, cleans it up and makes it more engaging instead of throwing it away.

We do not make any changes to your site with this service.

You are responsible for making all of the recommended changes.

If you want a custom design, check our service out right here!

If you have a service-based business or are a Nonprofit with a WordPress website, then you’re a fit!

We also recommend that you or someone you know has some basic WordPress know-how.

NO, you do not need to be an expert.

This is a great companion service to either help your team in an area where they may not be an expert or just to get a second pair of eyes on your site with insights using neurodesign.

No worries. Our goal to ensure the happiness of every client. So, after 14 days, if you aren’t happy at all, we’ll reimburse your payment in full – 100%.

No questions asked to stop the refund, but we may ask how we can do better (you can choose to answer this or not, up to you).

Of course…but we’ll only focus on the front-end of 5 pages, all of your other pages will benefit from the changes we make as many are site-wide. 

The 5 pages are generally:

  1. HOME
  3. ABOUT
  4. A page of your choosing
  5. A page of your choosing

Right now it is only $997 (plus HST).

No hidden fees, what you see is what you pay.

All fees are currently in CANADIAN dollars.

No. Website Rescue is NOT a redesign or new design and does not include any new pages.

We can help you create a new website.

That’s our jam! 😉 

Learn more here: Custom Web Design or 4-Week Website

Once you have purchased your Rescue, you will receive your package within 7-days or sooner.

And if you make the changes within 3-days, you’ll have an updated site within 10 days from the date you purchased!

Neurodesign is an approach to web design that leverages insights from neuroscience and psychology to understand how users respond to visual elements, layout, and content. By considering the psychology of perception and decision-making, we can create websites that are intuitive, engaging, and ultimately drive desired actions.

Think of it like building bridges on your website. Traditional design might build bridges that look nice but are confusing to navigate. Neurodesign builds bridges that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitively guide users where you want them to go.

Here are some key ways neurodesign helps websites:

  • Increase first impressions: Creates trust and credibility through subconscious cues.
  • Improve navigation: Designs clear and user-friendly pathways that eliminate confusion.
  • Boost engagement: Utilizes visual elements and content that capture attention and encourage interaction.
  • Motivate action: Uses psychological principles to encourage visitors to click, subscribe, or purchase.

Overall, neurodesign aims to create websites that resonate with users on a deeper level, improving the user experience and achieving your business goals.

Here are some specific examples of how neurodesign is applied to websites:

  • Color psychology: Using specific colors to evoke certain emotions and encourage desired actions.
  • Typography and formatting: Optimizing font size, line spacing, and hierarchy for readability and ease of consumption.
  • Imagery: Selecting images that trigger positive emotions and connect with the target audience.
  • Call to action buttons: Designing buttons that are visually prominent, use persuasive language, and are positioned strategically.
  • Whitespace and balance: Utilizing space effectively to avoid overwhelming users and guide their attention.

By incorporating neurodesign principles into your website, you can create a powerful tool that not only looks good but also drives results.

Rescue your site today!

Perfect for you if:

What's included:

Your Website Rescue Report

10+ page Website Rescue report based on 27 Neurodesign factors

Private 60-Mins AMA Session

60-mins with Amanda Ross (our owner); AMA & report review

24-7 "How-to" Video Library

”How-to” Video Library (24-7) to easily make changes yourself

Don't settle for an "ugh!" website

Unlock your website's "wow" factor, backed by 20+ years of experience and a 100% money-back guarantee. Rescue your site now for only $997!

Get your website rescue today!

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Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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