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Change with the world

The world has been changing from in-person to digital for some time now and if you find your organization is still stuck in the 2010’s, then maybe it’s time to level up. 

If you want a digital solution to connect your stuff (knowledge, online courses, documents, templates, membership, videos, people, etc) with your audience, we can help you make that happen.

We can also guide you on a bunch of other things too, like how to create an interactive online course or how to engage your audience with gamification or what the best solution is for your audience (we’ll help you uncover who they are too).

Using our I.D.L. Framework, we’ll build your solution:

What is the I.D.L. Framework?

The I.D.L. Framework is the path we follow and have followed for every solution we’ve created since we started in 2013. It ensures that we don’t miss anything and that you get the best solution to help you make a bigger impact…not just one that pays our bills.

Pain Points

We uncover what your audience(s) really needs from you in order to trust you.


We explore the many different options that are available in the digital space to engage your audience.

Growth Potential

We research the scalability building options of the solutions to guide us to the right choice.

Other Players

We analyze the current marketplace and competition to ensure validation of the solution.


We generate a high-level roadmap to guide us going forward.

Features & Benefits

We breakdown the useful benefits and shiny features that will engage your audience.


We dive into the tech aspects of what we'll need to bring this to fruition in the best way possible.


We create a highly detailed development plan that will guide our team as we build.


We build the solution for you.


We test every aspect of the solution that we build to ensure quality, ease of use, consistency, and efficiency.


We produce a launch strategy to help you integrate the solution into your organization and share it with the world.


We transfer and implement the right owners of the right pieces in the right places to maintain a consistent impact and simplicity.


We design impact visuals that can be shared on your social media channels to get word out that something new and exciting is taking place.


We make a training library that will empower you and your team to make changes and updates to your solution.


We launch your solution!

How We've Helped Others:

Learning Management System & Membership

Problem: Live educational events that the Family Education Centre (FEC) held were generating a very low turnout, their LMS wasn’t working, and their website had no brand voice. Their capacity was maxed out. Their website had multiple errors. They were frustrated with technology partners and were scared to trust anyone. 

Solution: Trust was built through open, honest discussions and by doing what we said we were going to do – every time. We moved them to be fully online with 20+ engaging online courses integrated into a learning management system with member levels, digital resources (podcast, tip-sheet downloads, and more), detailed reporting plus updated branding and messaging.

Outcome: The FEC made a 68% bigger impact with substantial gains in capacity and future scalability.


Problem: Heart House Hospice (HHH) had online resources in too many places; it was confusing and hard to find the right tool. Paperwork was also being handled multiple times in an inefficient manner. They felt “messy” and overloaded. 

Solution: A new knowledge-sharing website was developed that allows users to easily find the right resources, quickly. Crucial intake forms with sensitive information were rebuilt digitally to create a secure and efficient process for the user to submit critical details and for the HHH team to access it in their system quickly.

Outcome: The team LOVE having their forms integrated perfectly with their process flow and the capacity it has given HHH to redirect them to other responsibilities. Users are finding what they need without confusion and are coming back again and again.

Are you ready to create a more secure, scalable, engaging, valuable online space?


Get a website that converts with simple tweaks in your inbox each week!

(backed by science)
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