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How often are you stuck trying to create content that your target audience will relate to but you have no ideas?

Never be stuck for ideas again!

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30+ page workbook

This workbook includes hot to get started with ChatGPT, how to craft effective prompts, 3 methods for finding *targeted* content ideas (that will surprise you), 12 prompt templates, and more!

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You'll also be sent my step-by-step video that shows you exactly how to use the 3 proven methods to generate over 100 highly-targeted content ideas for your brand.

Sound Familiar?

Staring at a blank screen again? Trying to come up with something that your audience will enjoy? That they’ll relate to? That they’ll engage with? 

Been there…it’s no fun.

In fact it’s frustrating…you know your stuff, you just don’t know what stuff you should share with them.

That stops now.

Chat-GPT has changed everything and has made it so much easier to get outside your head and into your audiences!

In this workbook, I’ll share with you EXACTLY how to generate 100+ content ideas that are hyper-targeted for your main audience.

Plus, you’ll get immediate access to the 25-mins video training that accompanies the 30+ page workbook with over 10 prompts you can use over and over.

Again, the really special thing is that I’ll show you 3 secret ways to generate ideas that are incredibly focused on your audience.

Look. Creating content isn’t hard once you know what you should create! 

So, don’t wait, grab this now.

Who am i?

Hi there! I’m Amanda, a web designer and digital pro with over two decades of experience. My passion for crafting exceptional websites using WordPress led me to explore the world of content creation and the incredible potential of Artificial Intelligence.

My background is in web design, graphic design, marketing management, and project management enables me to see the bigger picture and develop solid strategies for my clients. 

I’ve been fortunate to share my expertise on three podcasts, building a reputation for delivering valuable insights and practical advice.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of AI, and I’m excited to help you harness its potential to achieve remarkable results in the digital world.

When I’m not busy shaping the future of digital experiences, you’ll find me enjoying quality time with my Boston Terrier, Buffy. She’s my personal comedian and squishy.

Join me on this content creation journey, you won’t regret it!

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